Zakari McQueen 6’0 175 2021 Matoaca High School, Chesterfield VA

Zakari is a fantastic scorer!  He is speedy and explosive both with his first step and his leaping ability. He has a strong, compact frame that allows him to withstand contact and make plays attacking the rim.  He really puts a lot of pressure on defenses with his three-level scoring ability and great quickness off the dribble.  Looks fearless on the floor and plays aggressive yet under control.  Zakari can get any shot he wants and demonstrates great efficiency.  Picks his spots nicely as to when to attack space or when to shoot and uses a nice mix of scoring and distributing the basketball.  A Very confident shooter he can fill it up in a hurry from beyond the arc as I witnessed at a recent event where he nailed 6 of his first six from beyond the arc and finished 8 of 11 from deep.  

Looking at his stats for the season that type of performance has become commonplace for the junior guard and is a big reason why Matoaca has begun to turn their season around.  Zakari is very difficult to guard because he possesses a quick and consistent release on his shot.  His mechanics are sound; he demonstrates great footwork when coming off screens and always catches the ball shot ready.  He moves well without the ball and stays active with excellent cuts and great quickness.  Zakari can put the ball on the floor and create his own shot from anywhere on the floor and he doesn’t need much space to get his shot off.  He has a quick handle and uses cross-overs, between the legs dribbles and goes behind the back and displays an impressive array of dribble moves without sacrificing ball security.  He can get defenders off balance using pump fakes, hesitations, abrupt starts and stops and knows how to use defenders’ over-aggressive play to his advantage.  He is good at changing speeds and direction and can pull up at any time and bury the jumper.  In the open court, he can stop on a dime at full speed and with his feet in perfect position and with great body control and separate from his defender for jumper.  He can bounce off contact and score inside and finishes nicely going around contact with explosive side steps.

One of the most impressive parts of his game is his ability to make plays for teammates using the threat he possesses as a scorer, his excellent vision and passing skills while driving to the basket.   Defensively Zakari is crafty and smart. His quickness allows him to bait a passer into making a pass and then slipping in for the steal.  His anticipation is fantastic. On the ball he uses quick hands and sound footwork. moves his feet well and stays in front of his man without gambling much.  Solid lateral quickness, great energy!  Zakari is a tough competitor and shows a great will to win. He wants to have the ball in clutch time and he does whatever his team needs for success.  He is a willing rebounder whose physical assets allow him to more than hold his own inside against bigger players.  He is a must-see!

 A playmaker that can flat our shred the nets from all levels with his deft shooting touch and instincts as a scorer.  He should become a highly sought after guard in the junior class in Virginia.