Tristan How  6’7 185 2020  Norfolk Collegiate, Norfolk VA

Tristan is a long and versatile forward who uses his length and expansive skillset to impact both ends of the floor.  He can knock down shots at all levels, put it on the floor and make a play off the bounce and is also a very good passer which allows him to create passing angles and create open looks for teammates.  Tristan uses quick rips and rangy strides coupled with a pretty decisive first step and can drive right or left going to the rim.  Probably more creative and impactful going to his right but can drive hard in either direction nonetheless.  Tristan demonstrates good coordination and agility making plays off the bounce.  Good body control.  He is capable of using one and two dribble pull-ups where he elevates nicely into a fluid and mechanically sound jumper complete with a high release which makes his shot nearly impossible to block given his length and wingspan.  Tristan has a great touch around the rim and can contort his body so as to play around contact effectively.  He’s a very good passer on the move, has good vision and can deliver timely and accurate passes.  He is a very good shooter with three-pointer range, mostly catch shoot opportunities beyond the arc and in the mid range where he has a deft shooting touch. Does a great job in pick and pop scenarios. 

Tristan is also very good off the ball, shows great instincts and has a knack for getting to his spots for catch and shot jumpers or cutting to the rim where he has great hands and can finish above the rim or use his soft touch on non-dunk finishes.  He is very good in the post as well where he uses an array of fakes to get open looks.  Has solid footwork and is also a very good passer out of double teams.  He can do it all offensively, very efficient.  Tristan is active on the glass on both ends of the floor and helps his team get out in transition with his ability to rebound and quickly turn and fire a pass up ahead and can also put it on the floor and lead the break.  He gets end to end with good speed given his size as he uses long strides and a capable handle.  Keeps his eyes up the floor looking to make a play.  Tristan has the lateral mobility and solid footwork that allows him to guard multiple positions.  His length serves him well defensively contesting shots and also in passing lanes. 

Considered a solid Division III prospect entering the season Tristan has really played his way into some LM attention and should see offers from all levels come his way as he has played a key role in helping Norfolk Collegiate become a serious VISAA state title contender.