Kahlil Oden 6'0 140 2020 Indian River High School, Chesapeake VA

Kahlil is an absolutely relentless scorer, one of the most feared perimeter scorers in the 757 over the last two seasons! He has the look of a natural with smooth and effortless shot mechanics and great elevation on his shot. He has an extremely quick release, if not the quickest certainly one of the quickest you'll see in the 757! When he gets going he can take over a game regardless of the defensive efforts to contain him and can score in bunches in a matter of minutes. Kahlil can pull up for a quick jump shot from nearly anywhere on the court off the dribble and convert with very good consistency. His release is so quick he can walk a defender down with the dribble and at the blink of an eye elevate and bury a jumper before the defender can contest. He is very good coming off screens for catch and shoot jumpers. He can take a dribble handoff and stick the jumper, turn the corner and blow by a defender or give his defender a hesitation move or a quick crossover or change of direction move and explode to the rim where he is a crafty finisher.

The threat of his jumper and 'in the gym' range compliments his great quickness and slippery playmaking style. He has supreme confidence in his shooting ability and won't hesitate to fire from as far as 30 feet away from the basket…and he has proven time and time again he can hit that shot! Kahlil is able to make shots even when appearing well guarded. He has some nasty ball handling ability highlighted by a deadly crossover and the ability to start and stop abruptly, then explode off the dribble. He frequently gets defenders off balance with well timed hesitation moves off the dribble. He can create a lot of space for himself, with or without the ball and is always moving and cutting. Kahlil is a blur in the open floor getting end to end with the dribble in a flash. He can impact the game from either guard position as he is a talented passer with the ability to create open shots for his teammates. He is a very good passer, demonstrates good vision and leadership skills. For such a good scorer he is very unselfish! Kahlil is a tough, scrappy player who doesn't shy away from contact and does a great job getting to the free throw line frequently where he is very reliable. Kahlil expends a lot of energy on the offensive end as his team's go-to scorer and occasional lead guard yet brings great tenacity and activity on the defensive end on every possession! He is his team's defensive stopper and uses his great quickness and instincts as a lockdown on-ball defender and a threat off the ball for steals in passing lanes. Kahlil is a relentless competitor. He is a big playmaker and has a flair for the spectacular as he always seems to come up with a big play when his team needs it. His unshakeable confidence, calm demeanor and will to do whatever it takes to win makes him so tough in crunch time and in close games. He seems to bring out his best when faced with adversity!

Kahlil has a great understanding of the game, a court savvy competitor who has learned to leverage his sound skill set, elite athleticism and fierce competitiveness to play to his strengths and dictate possessions. College coaches to the DII level should inquire; his impact on both ends of the floor is undeniable.