Class: 2019

HT: 5'10,125 pounds

High School: Warwick High School, Newport News VA

Academic Achievements: AJ Baker is an A/B honor roll student

High School Coach Evaluation: AJ Baker is very crafty, scrappy and has a very high IQ. He's a fearless point guard who can play and guard the opposing point guard and shooting guard positions. AJ has solid on ball defense. Although this will be his first year on the varsity level it won't be a culture shock because he's ahead of his time. AJ played JV last season due to his physical size but is adjusting very well as he has matured more physically. We have great expectations for AJ this season as he is groomed under Coach Jimmie Gerald who has had success at both the high school and college level as a player, and is being mentored by Lual Rahama and his strong leadership skills. – Coach Terence Crawley, Asst Coach Warwick High School

AAU Club Name: Huntersville HoopforLyfe, Peninsula Primetime

AAU Coach Evaluation: Anthony Baker Jr, (AJ) has a first step that is unstoppable. He is a crafty guard with great athleticism. AJ is a fast athlete who is able to get to the rim anytime he wants and make great decisions with the ball. His court awareness also shows his IQ for the game that also matches his nice array of ball handling skills. His quickness and defense are his best attributes. His shot making skills are good especially beyond three point range. While AJ can create his own shot he has the ability to get his teammates involved first and is very unselfish. This young man will grow into a great player and be fun to watch. I wish him all the best. – Coach Christopher Whigham, Huntersville Hoopforlyfe AAU

Coach Frank says: 'AJ' Baker has a tight handle and an impressive array of dribbling moves that allows him to get where he needs to on the floor, get into the lane and score and create separation to get his shot off against taller defenders. He uses the ball fake and hesitation moves and is obviously a well-schooled player fundamentally. A crafty point guard with very good vision and court savvy, 'AJ' has the ability to keep his defender off balance then quickly attack an opening or an off balance defender and get penetration. He hits the middle jumper with very good consistency and can hit the three pointer with good consistency. He is a pass first guard and uses his sound ball handling skills to move the defense and execute the offense. He has a long frame and as he matures physically and gets taller and stronger he is going to be a difficult matchup given his advanced skill set and understanding of the game. 'AJ' is a very good on ball defender, keeps his quick hands and long arms active and plays hard defensively. Anthony Baker has all the tools to be special and as the physical catches up to the fundamental and mental he will be more than a handful. I'm excited about his upside! One of the most promising 2019's in the 757!