Class: 2018

HT: 6'6, 185 pounds

High School: Bayside High School, Virginia Beach VA

AAU Club Name: Team Loaded 757 – Claiborne

AAU Coach Evaluation: Bass is a 6'6 stretch forward that can play with his back to the basket or on the perimeter. He is strong enough to get to the basket and finish, but can knock down the mid range jumper. His length makes him an excellent defender, his ability to block shots and guard in space makes him tough on both ends of the floor. – Coach Lamar Claiborne, Team Loaded 757 – Claiborne


Coach Frank says: Bass has very good skills to go along with his 6'6 frame and 7' wingspan. He is now working daily in the weight room to get stronger and if he works off the court like he does on the court he will be an even bigger problem for opponents. He runs the floor and plays hard; he has excellent hands and a pretty good touch on his jumper to 15 feet. Bass looks more comfortable as a face-up player but he does have good back to the basket moves, knows how to establish position inside and seal the defender and present himself to the ball. He handles well enough where he can lead the break and is a good passer, out of the post as well. Bass is a very good repeat jumper, quick to elevate and has good quick feet. He has very good defensive footwork and posture, guards the dribble pretty well. He's a very good shot blocker! Bass is an impressive prospect because he has all the tools to be an impact guy and a next level prospect. He is a versatile player, eventually a small or power forward but certainly the skill set to be a wing. As he adds weight and strength he will become even more of a handful. He's a high motor player and my bet is he will become more physically dominant over the next year or so and find himself an attractive prospect for D2 or perhaps even D1 coaches. Keep your eye on him, could be something special in the making.