The Summer Havoc LIVE is a time for players to showcase their talents and take advantage of the moment in front of college coaches.  This year, players did just that from all over and at all ages.

2020 6’1 Justice Jackson from Upward Stars Pee Dee was one of those, as the intriguing guard displayed an array of skills and earned the reputation as a sharpshooter from deep.

After his performance which included a 31-point, 7 3-pointer display at the Summer Havoc LIVE, Jackson earned an offer from Coker University but that may only be the start in the coming months.

Phenom Hoops learned more about Jackson and the latest around his recruitment.

Recruit Q&A

How has this summer been for you with more chances to shine late?

This summer has been filled with new experiences and a lot of opportunities. With us recently getting a new coach (Christian Savage) the whole culture at South Florence High School has already changed for the better. Also, with being in the NCAA basketball Academy in Illinois, I’m excited to compete with some of the top guys in the country!

What has been your focus as a player? What have you wanted to show coaches and others about your game?

As a player, my focus has always been to win at everything I do. Me being the competitor that I am, I wanted to show coaches that I’m better than the guy your recruiting. I also wanted to show that I’m more than a scorer, that I can do the little things that it takes to win a basketball game.

How would you best describe your game on the court? What are your specialties?

I would best describe my game on the court as, of course, a deep range sniper! I consistently knock down jump shots from wherever on the court through different coverages. As far as getting to the rim, I take my man off the dribble whenever I want, I could say that I’m just a gifted scorer that can score in so many different ways.

What do you think about your performances at the Phenom Summer Havoc Live? What did you like or take away from the event?

At the Phenom Summer Havoc Live, I feel like I could’ve been more consistent in other areas of the game besides scoring and defending as well as being more aggressive on offense. I feel like I defended well but I could’ve been more aggressive getting downhill making plays for my teammates.

You earned an offer from Coker.  What are your thoughts on the offer? What do you know about the school and what has the coaching staff talked to you about?

My thoughts on my first official offer from Coker University are great! I’m truly thankful and humbled that Coach Kisonas and Coach Merrill both took the time to watch me play. I don’t know much about the school but Coach Kisonas did a great job telling me about the university and how things work.

As far as Coach Merrill, me and Coach Merrill always talk. We talked a lot this year even before he offered me. Me and Coach Merrill talk about a lot of things from how much he believes in me and thinks I can help turn the whole program around to what kind of fish we like catching!

What all do you know about their system and how might you be able to fit there?

I don’t know much about their system but from what Coach Merrill says, I could fit in just fine.

What about other schools? Have any others been reaching out and showing interest?

Other schools who have been reaching out to me are Mercer, Citadel, Lincoln Memorial, VMI, Air Force, Colgate University, Alabama A&M, Charleston Southern, and Mars Hill, with all of them express interest in me as a player.

What have they been saying and what has any stood out to you with them?  

Really they have all been expressing how well I shoot and score the ball which stands out to them. As far as standing out to me, they all are so unique so it’s hard because they all stand out in a different way.

Do you have any plans on visiting these schools or have you already? If so, when and what did you like about them (if you have visited)?

I have already been on an unofficial to Charleston Southern and had a great time hanging with the guys and getting closer to the coaching staff. Coach Cardona from Mercer talked to me about how excited he was for me to get down there the first time he called me. Coach Pilipovich from Air Force sends me a lot of mail and we talk to each other frequently about how I’m doing and the type of playstyle I bring to the table.