Height: 6'5

Class: 2025

School: Wesleyan Christian

Travel Team: Team CP3

What Was Recently Said:

Moving onto a player who continues to look increasingly likely for a potential breakout season, Zacch Wiggins. He's a long, skilled, athletic wing prospect with a blossoming identity on both ends of the floor. Wiggins is a great finisher and shooter who can create for himself and others or find opportunities without the ball in his hands. He's a useful cutter and spot-up threat who attacks closeouts and can finish above the rim or through contact. Wiggins rebounds the ball well and contains his assignment effectively on defense. Next in his development process is working on getting stronger, as it'll only make him more physically imposing on both ends of the floor. Coach Adams on Wiggins: 'Zacch is an athletic player. Highlighted a useful skillset and ability with the ball in his hands. Offered a positive attitude and accepted coaching well throughout the day.' Wiggins stood out as an asset during his time at camp, and should be poised for a highly productive season as a leader for Grimsley.

What To Expect:

Just recently, Wiggins sent shockwaves throughout the grassroots community with his decision to transfer to Wesleyan Christian. This really shouldn't be a colossal surprise to anyone, as his two older brothers both played for the Trojans. That being said, Wiggins should find himself immediately in a leadership role as a focal point for this group. He's a long, wiry, well-rounded wing prospect who understands how to produce in a variety of different roles. Wiggins is great at allowing the game to come to him and finding opportunities within the flow of the action. He's a capable creator and all-around scorer, but doesn't force the action or look to dominate the ball. Wiggins sets up others, rebounds at a solid rate, and reliably contains his assignment on defense. He’s already seen a slew of programs extend offers, so it'll be interesting to see how this new chapter unfolds for him.