Height: 6'1

Class: 2025

School: United Faith

Travel Team: Team Curry

What Was Recently Said:

It seems like numerous guys always stand out for this United Faith squad, and Bowden is usually among that group. Given his significance as a ball-handler and overall creator, it's easy to see why. Bowden is a great playmaker with the ability to get downhill, touch the paint, and consistently make the correct read. He also shot the ball well in this contest and offered his usual amount of peskiness on defense. Later followed by, 'Despite some ups and downs as a group, it was easy to see everything Bowden did in this showing. He's a smart, unselfish lead guard who gets to the rim with incredible ease–where he's able to finish or make the appropriate pass to an open teammate. That being said, Bowden also hit jumpers from midrange and beyond the arc. He's a reliable defender with quickness and toughness. Bowden is very fast with the ball in his hands and naturally causes problems when attacking in transition.'

What To Expect:

Since bursting onto the scene, Bowden has been an extremely consistent player. He's a smart, tough, two-way point guard who excels at getting downhill and creating opportunities for others. Bowden possesses a tight handle and quick first step, which he utilizes well to touch the paint and finish or make the necessary pass. He plays with great pace and displays an unselfish nature whenever the ball is in his hands. Bowden also causes a lot of problems for opponents with his defensive presence at the point of attack. He intercepts passing lanes and anticipates very well to force turnovers, which regularly leads to easy fast-break opportunities in transition. Bowden currently holds a handful of Division I offers, but that list feels likely to continue growing over these next twelve months. Expect him to have a notable season for the Falcons.