Height: 6'3

Class: 2026

School: Calvary Day

Travel Team: Big Shots Elite

What Was Recently Said:

In all honesty, everything starts and ends with 6'3 '26 Dane Cassada. He had no issue asserting himself as a focal point last season despite sharing touches with two key seniors. However, this current roster construct should allow him to shine as a leader while also improving his production across the board. Cassada makes his presence felt in a variety of different ways. Whether running the team, causing problems defensively, or playing without the ball in his hands, his incredibly high IQ is always evident. He's an excellent passer with a crafty handle and playmaking sense. Cassada effortlessly breaks down opponents and sets up others or applies scoring pressure from all three levels. He mixes it up quite regularly with the ball in his hands, which naturally forces opponents to be on their toes at all times. Still a knockdown shooter, Cassada does an impeccable job of utilizing jabs, ball fakes, and the threat of his perimeter ability to overwhelm his assignment. He's a great rebounder, instinctual defender, and all-around offensive weapon. Expect him to put up ridiculous numbers during the upcoming season. 

What To Expect:

It should probably go without saying, but all signs point to Cassada having a massive season as a leader for the Cougars. He's a smart, skilled, well-rounded guard prospect who understands how to comfortably dictate the action as a primary creator. Cassada is a reliable playmaker and three-level scorer with the ability to adapt his approach based on team need. He displays excellent pace and control with the ball in his hands, never sped up or deterred by physical/athletic defenders. Cassada is a knockdown shooter from beyond the arc, yet consistently applies pressure from all three levels while getting others involved. He naturally leads by example. Cassada is capable of causing problems for opponents without the ball in his hands, but is arguably at his best when tasked with creation duties. He's a solid defender with nice anticipation and a willingness to utilize his body whenever necessary. Cassada should be one of the more productive players in North Carolina over the next three seasons.