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Meadowbrook High School

North Chesterfield, VA

Classification: Class 5, Region B


The Structure

The organization and focus of the Monarchs' workout was very impressive. A large group of over 35 players showed up to the gym, as both JV and Varsity prospects were invited. The coaching staff wasted no time in grouping players for certain drills and dictating areas of focus at certain stations. The workout started with a dynamic stretch, flowing right into a fast-paced competitive drill of transition 4v3; shirts vs. skins. Afterwards, players were numbered into six different groups to rotate at skill stations underneath each of the six baskets. The stations focused mainly on shooting, both on-the-move and off-the-dribble. Pickup games concluded the workout.


The Talent

The Monarchs should have great depth in their roster this season, without question. I took notice of this a few weekends ago during the first week of their annual hosted fall league. Some of the team's standout players include:


  • Ezekiel Edwards ’20: My initial impression of Edwards, based off of his first showing in the fall league, was that he played the role of a defensive stopper for his squad. While he displayed these same attributes in the open gym, Edwards also showed more of his offensive arsenal in getting to the rim, knocking down baseline jumpers, and grabbing offensive rebounds. Edwards has a clear presence and confidence whenever he steps on the court. He's always talking non-stop, which college coaches can appreciate undoubtedly. At this point, Edwards will need to keep working on perfecting his perimeter skills to become more of a consistent threat. His scoring ability is still getting there. With his 6'5' frame, ability to run the floor, and versatility, I expect him to steadily improve and attract a great deal of attention in the area throughout his last two years in high school. Oh, I also respected how he took time to come up to me in saying thanks for coming to the workout and writing about him in my fall league week 1 recap.


  • Lamondre Gregg '20: The combo guard is another one who steps on the floor with a world of confidence. His complete offensive package plays a big reason for this. Gregg can do a lot with the ball in creating space for his shot and making moves to get to the rim. His 1v1 game certainly stood out, which may come into play often this season whenever he comes across below average defenders. His shooting ability may be the best on the team currently. Gregg has an effortless touch on his shot that proves effective in all three levels on the floor. While he may not be the biggest guy on the floor, only at 5'9', his production is undeniable. A first-year varsity player last season as a sophomore, Gregg had several noteworthy moments and will look to build as a returner.


  • Alphonzo Mason '19: A true veteran, Mason played a heavy role last season as one of the Monarchs' leading scorers. A strong-bodied wing, Mason can score in a variety of ways, whether it would be shooting, finishing with good body control, and/or posting up smaller defenders. Aside from scoring, his passing vision stands out the most. The senior plays unselfishly at all times and knows the strengths/tendencies of others around him. His strength comes as his biggest advantage currently. Once Mason gets in the lane, he does a nice job of slowing down to finish efficiently. He simply plays patient in letting the game come to him without forcing much. If he continues to work on his footwork and athleticism, opponents will have a bigger problem on their hands when facing Mason.

  • Sincere Clark '20: Clark will be a new face in the Monarchs' program this year as a junior. Standing at 6'5' with great athleticism, Clark finishes incredibly well inside the paint even when highly contested. He works really hard on both ends in snagging rebounds and setting a defensive tone. The next step for him involves expanding his game more out to the perimeter; he plays mainly around the rim as a power forward currently. At his height, developing as a wing player will be key to his goal in playing higher at the next level. He must turn his athleticism into refined skills. Nonetheless, with his promise, fans should be very excited with what Clark can bring to the table.

The Nature

What arguably stands out the most about the Monarchs' program is the competitive nature within everybody. From the jump, an intensity erupted in the gym and never ceased. With that being said, the coaching staff explained to the players how competitiveness can get the best of one if he/she does not control it properly; smartly stated. There's a family feel within the Monarchs' program. The players see each other as a group of brothers. Brothers may argue and bicker but nonetheless always pick each other up when down. The key is staying together.



While not satisfied with how they ended the season earlier this year, the Monarchs have a lot of excitement for the possibilities this upcoming winter. They won't necessarily have a senior-led team but nonetheless contain a plethora of talent throughout the roster in both upper and underclassmen. The coaching staff runs deep as well, led by newly-hired head coach Samuel Bryant; Bryant served as an assistant varsity coach at Armstrong High School for a number of years. With their talent and intense focus, Meadowbrook looks more than ready to make noise in Chesterfield County.





There's about to be madness in Monarch territory!