#2 4’5 2032 Jrue Tatum (Madison)

Starting off, we look at one of the youngest players in the camp but one who played hard, showed a tremendous attitude for the game, and competed every time he was on the court.  Even at his size and age, Tatum was mighty with his game and played with a big heart and motor.  He did a nice job in making plays for himself and for other teammates, being an unselfish player. He displayed a good foundation on his shot, especially from the mid-range.  Tatum shows a solid foundation and feel for the game at his age and he should only continue to grow and develop as a player. Very coachable and has a great attitude towards the game.

#6 4’7 2031 Caius Sharman (Columbia)

Next up, we look at a young rising prospect who was able to show flashes early on in his basketball career. He brought a solid feel and IQ for the game at his age, and was able to be effective when attacking, making plays off the bounce, and scoring around the basket.  Sharman was a hit best when he attacked and finished around the basket, while also making plays off the dribble. He brought a strong foundation offensively as well as defensively, played with a great attitude for the game, and was a team player throughout the camp.  We can’t wait to see how his confidence continues to grow and his overall development down the road.

#10 4’9 2031 JJ Faison (Winston-Salem)

Continuing on, we look at a guard who was able to be a true playmaker on the court and not only shined offensively but got others involved.  Faison has a nice understanding and feel for the game, especially with the ball in his hands.  He was able to penetrate and make plays, find ways to be an effective scorer from multiple levels, and is one that should only continue to grow with his point guard skills.  Whether it was his quickness and footwork, his court awareness, his ability to penetrate and make plays, or bring competitive attitude to the court, Faison was a joy to watch at the camp and is one that should only continue to develop down the road.

#13 4’10 2030 Jayden Green (Chapel Hill)

Next up, we look at a young player who really played at a high level and grabbed the attention of many with his playmaking ability.  Game after game, Green was able to lead the charge with his offensive game, excelling both offensively and defensively at his age.  Green was strong in penetrating and creating, creating off the dribble, and being an effective scorer not only inside but stepping out to stretch the court with his perimeter game. Confident scorer that mixed it up well, good handles with either hand, created really well, got to his spots, showed good footwork and quickness, and played hard on the defensive end. We are excited to see the next step in his game in the coming years with this young prospect.

#16 2031 4’11 Mason Dockery (Clemmons)

Continuing on, we look at a young prospect that has a lot of early intrigue with his size and playmaking ability.  Dockery was able to excel in a variety of ways, really showcasing his knowledge and understanding of the game at a young age.  When watching him, he was able to mix it up offensively well, scoring inside and off the dribble while also showing impressive range from three as well.  Dockery has confidence in his shot-making ability and mechanics but also showed a good overall feel in his ability to create, use his quickness, his impact on the defensive end, and impact the game in other ways.  Next, he can continue to add and work on his overall feel and continue to add more, as we can’t wait to see how his game develops down the road.

#21 5’2 2031 Cameron Cannon (Stokesdale)

Moving on, we look at a player that really shined as a versatile piece on the court. Cannon was able to play multiple positions on the court and find ways to be an effective option on both sides of the court. Offensively, he was able to make plays off the dribble or knock down shots, especially with his mid-range game.  He was strong with his release and mechanics, but also made plays off the dribble and score around the basket, especially with his early size. Cannon brought a competitive nature to the court and mixed it up well, while also bringing a tremendous attitude to the game defensively.  We can’t wait to see how he continues to develop and what he adds to his game, as there is a lot to like from what we saw at the camp.

#35 5’5 2030 Myles Aubrey (Lexington)

Next up, we look at a player that brings size and versatility to the court.  Aubrey brings a balanced attack and is intriguing with his size. He was able to show flashes of what he is capable of bringing to the table, scoring around the basket and being an effective weapon inside, but also showing flashes of his ability to step out at times.  He was able to make timely plays but also shared the ball well, rebounded well, and played hard on the defensive end.  Aubrey was very coachable and had a good IQ/feel early on for the game but the best years are to come with his game. Next in his game, he can continue to work on his overall feel with the basketball in his hands.  It was a joy to watch Aubrey compete throughout the camp and we are excited about the future with him.

#89 5’5 2030 Asher Nance (Rolesville)

Lastly, we look at a player that has intriguing size, was a strong team player, and made his impact felt in a variety of ways.  At his age, Nance brought good size and used that to his advantage, playing hard, battling on the boards and from multiple areas on the court. What really impressed his coaches was his ability to be vocal and a leader, being a team player, and really impacting the game on the defensive end. He moves his feet well and competes on that side of the ball, something you don’t always see at his age. Next in his game, Nance can continue to work on his offensive capabilities.  However, there were a lot of qualities in his game that you have to like for a player at his age. We are eager to see what he can become in the coming years.