#1 4’8 2032 Carter Heath (Rolesville)

We start off with one of the youngest players at the camp and one who played with a lot of heart and competed. Heath really was able to bring a balanced game and a good understanding of the game, as he starts his basketball career.  He showed the ability to shoot the ball inside and score, but also not afraid to step out and show his range on his shot.  Heath has good mechanics and confidence in his shot, and his age didn’t show at the camp; he played really well for someone so young.  He played hard on the defensive end, on and off the ball, made plays off the dribble, and really played with a big heart on the court. We can’t wait to see how he develops down the road and hope we get to see him more as he gets older.

#7 4’7 2032 Kanye Blue (Charlotte)

Continuing on, we look at a very young guard who has a lot of early promise in his game.  Even though he was one of the younger players on the court and his size, he showed that that doesn’t matter and he played really well throughout the camp. Blue showed that he can be a consistent player and impact the game in a variety of ways, really playing with a ton of heart and passion for the game. He excelled in areas such as his ability to create and make plays with both hands, get inside the defense and score off two feet, use and make plays with his quickness, and be an effective playmaker for not only himself but get his teammates involved.  We were highly impressed with what he showed throughout the event and are eager to see how he develops.

#8 4’8 2032 Benjamin Owino (Rolesville)

Next up, we look at Owino, a guard who was a joy to watch and to coach on the court.  He was able to bring a solid foundation of his game and bring a good overall feel for the game to the camp.  He was a pest defensively, really putting pressure on his opponent whether full court or in the half court. He was everywhere on the court and used that same motor on the offensive end. Owino showed a balanced game in scoring, being unselfish, and brought some good young athleticism to the court at his age.   We were impressed with his ability to create with either hand, make plays off the dribble, display good footwork and quickness, and compete all over the court.  Another extremely young player to jot down and watch as he grows.

#14 4’10 2030 Londen James (Monroe)

Moving on, we want to highlight a prospect that has good size, a tremendous attitude for the game, and was an ultimate team player on the court; it was a joy to watch him play and compete at the camp.  Where he excelled, James was at his best when he was penetrating and attacking, using his quickness to his advantage, displaying good footwork, and the ability to create and penetrate the defense.  But he also used that motor and quickness on the defensive end as well.  He played with a strong IQ on both sides of the ball, and what really impressed with his game was how vocal he was on the court at his age.  A strong creator and leader on the court, James showed tremendous early flashes of his game. Next phase in his game is continuing to develop more of his outside game.

#15 4’11 2030 Karter Vines (Clayton)

Continuing on, we look at a player who has good early size and showed his strengths on the court as a prospect at his age.  Overall, he brought a balanced game as he continues to develop his game, but he excelled in showing good early mechanics in his shot, the ability to handle pressure and make the right reads for his teammates, and did an adequate job in playing with his head up and showing vision along with IQ.  Next in his game, Vines can continue to work on his ability to rebound and move without the ball, as well as progress on both sides of the ball. Vines though was able to really capture the eyes of his coaches and we are eager to see how he develops as a young player in the coming years.

#23 5’3 2031 DeMaryus Brown (Sanford)

Next, we look at Brown, a young forward that was able to flourish and show some early flashes of his game in several key areas on the court.  He played well with his teammates and was able to provide grit and toughness for his team.  He showcased his ability to knock down shots inside and around the basket, displaying a good feel early on of how to play down low in the post, and was above average in his impact on the boards.  Brown really rebounded well at his position while also finding the open spots on the court.  His willingness to compete and be physical was key. The next phase of his game is he can continue to improve his defensive game and add more to his offensive game.  He has a chance to be a high-impact player in his age group.

#25 5’3 2030 Messiah Simmons (Statesville)

Continuing, we take a look at a young prospect that was able to thrive in a variety of areas of the court at a young age.  Simmons was a well-rounded player who showed a strong start to his game, whether it was on offense or defense.  He brings a lot of versatility to the court with his size at his age and was able to give us flashes of his early athleticism. All throughout the camp, he was able to showcase his ability to be an effective piece in several areas, whether it was scoring, finding teammates, having a tremendous attitude toward the game and his team, rebounding, or being a playmaker. He was a big-time contributor for his team. The next phase of his game he can continue to work on is his decision-making and penetration, as well as finishing.  Continue to be active all throughout and continue to showcase your versatile game and ability to impact in so many manners on the court.

#26 5’4 2030 Chase TeCarr (Wake Forest)

Finally, we look at another player who was a joy to watch and to coach at the camp, TeCarr had a great attitude for the game and for his teammates all throughout the camp. He played with a great motor, competed throughout, displayed good IQ for the game at his age, and was coachable.  TeCarr was a playmaker and unselfish on the court, really finding his teammates well while also taking good shots on the court. He excelled in showing his ability to finish with either hand when he attacked the basket, finishing strong and through traffic while also having a tremendous chance of pace in his game.  Next in his game, he can continue to be more of a vocal leader and continue to develop his overall feel on both sides of the court.