#27 5’4 2029 Deron-James Brown (Sanford)

Starting things off, we look at a young player that really opened many eyes to his game and potential down the road.  Brown is a quick, shifty guard who was able to display a solid overall feel, especially in creating off the bounce, getting inside the paint, and finding ways to be an effective scorer inside for himself or setting others up.  Brown though mixed it up well with his game, not only creating but knocking down shots from outside.  Offensively, he was at his best when he was able to penetrate the defense as well as showing tremendous energy on the defensive end. The next phase of his game that we are excited to see develop is continuing to work on his decision-making, playing off two feet, and continuing to add more to his game. Brown has a bright future at a young age, and he played consistently throughout the camp.

#33 5’5 2028 Brady Hall (Advance)

Moving on to a young player who was a joy to coach and watch play throughout the camp, Hall really stood out to his coach with his attitude, IQ, and being extremely coachable.  He is a smart, high-IQ type of player that was fundamentally sound overall throughout the camp.  Hall excelled in showing that he is a capable shooter from multiple levels, both inside the arc and from the perimeter. He was at his best in catch-and-shoot situations with good mechanics.  The next phase in his development that we are eager to see is continuing to grow confidence with his game, handling pressure, and continuing to work on his game defensively, as that will only make him even tougher as an overall player.  It was a joy to watch Hall in action throughout the camp.

#43 5’6 2028 Squirty Robinson (Jacksonville)

Next, we look at a player who has a chance to really be a name to remember in the coming years, as he was able to excel in a variety of ways and give us a glimpse of what he could ultimately be down the road. Robinson is a long, athletic guard that made play after play throughout the camp. Whether it was his ability to get to the rim on drives, make plays for others or himself off the bounce, or knock down shots from a variety of levels, Robinson was able to produce offensively. His blend of strong handles, shot-making, penetration ability, quickness, and footwork shined throughout the camp. And he was also able to impact the game defensively, whether on or off the ball.  The next phase of his game is continuing to work on handling pressure and showing more of his assertive nature on the court. There is a lot to like about his game, and we can’t wait to see what he becomes in the coming years.

 #47 5’7 2029 Dylan Carther (Carrboro)

Moving on, we look at a player who had a solid overall showing throughout the event and was well-rounded in a variety of areas.  Carther really played with a team mentality and played with a ton of effort, while also showing a balanced offensive game in either knocking down shots, creating, and also playing strong defense. He has good early mechanics and release, while also having the quickness, vision, and footwork that allows him to succeed. He shot the ball well from the perimeter, has a good feel for the game at his age, and we were impressed with his overall impact defensively. The next phase in his game is continuing to be assertive on the court and displaying the confidence in his overall game that we know he has. It was a joy to see Carther compete on the court.

#57 5’9 2028 Draeton Nance (Cooleemee)

Next, we take a look at Draeton Nance, a player who was able to excel throughout the camp and bring excitement with his overall game. When talking about his game, we were highly impressed with his toughness and grittiness on the court, really being a hard-nosed guard on both sides of the floor. He uses his body extremely well when driving and finishing, embracing contact. However, he mixed it up well with his perimeter game as well.  Nance though just wasn’t tough offensively, it was his overall impact on the court; rebounding well for his position, competing defensively and being active, and always willing to put his body on the line for those extra-effort plays. The next phase in his game will be continuing to improve his quickness and first step, as well as separating off the bounce.  Nance though made his impact felt all over the court and should be a player to watch more down the road.

#63 5’10 2028 Doc Caldwell (Mooresville)

Continuing on, we check out a player who brought a solid overall feel to the court and really displayed a smart feel and a good IQ for the game, which makes us excited to see how he continues to develop down the road. Caldwell was a good playmaker, displaying a good ability to create and make plays, display quickness and footwork, and be active throughout. He excelled more in showing his perimeter shooting, whether it was off the catch or off the bounce; he has deep range in his shot with good mechanics. The next phase of his game that we are eager to see is his development in finishing over size and the use of his off hand, as well as continuing to work on his decision-making.  Caldwell overall though really shined in his ability to knock down shots and was a big threat for his team with his jumper.

#70 6’0 2029 Deren Thompson (Charlotte)

Moving on, we take a look at a younger prospect on the team but one that has a chance to be one to watch down the road. Thompson was one of the youngest players on the team but brought tremendous size already to the court.  He is a long, athletic wing prospect who was able to impact the game in a variety of ways. Whether it was him being active defensively, being active on the boards and finishing well around the basket, or displaying his capability from the perimeter, Thompson was able to make his game noticeable throughout the camp. A well-rounded prospect who is still young but has shown a lot of flashes of what he could be down the road. The next phase of his development should be his overall development and feel for the game, as well as continuing to be assertive on the court.  We can’t wait to see how he continues to grow as a player, and it was a joy to have him at the camp.

#76 6’0 2028 Wyatt Harwood (Mocksville)

Next up, we take a glance at Wyatt Harwood, a player that was able to grab the attention of his coaches and scouts at the camp. Harwood brings size and skill to the court, along with a ton of confidence in his overall game.  He excelled in his ability to score the ball in an array of ways, attacking the basket, getting to his spots for his jumper, and stepping out from behind the arc as well. He showed strong mechanics and confidence in his release but also was crafty enough to make plays off the dribble. He uses his size well to his advantage.  The next phase of his game we are eager to see him develop his continuing to work on his shot selection at times and showing more of his ability to get others involved.  It was great to see this young man in action and will continue to follow his game down the road.

#84 5’9 2029 Jayden Almonte (Raleigh)

Continuing on, we look at a forward that showed promise and had flashes throughout the camp. Almonte is a 5’9 forward who brings a strong frame, allowing him to impact the game well down in the post. He excelled in that area the best, finishing with touch around the basket and battling throughout the camp. Almonte also used that size to wall up well defensively, making it hard for opponents to score in the paint.  He was a tremendous team player with a great attitude for the game and understands how to impact the game at his position. But he also gave us glimpses of his capabilities to stretch the court offensively as well. The next phase of his development should continue to work on his footwork and athleticism, and continue to be assertive in the areas he excels in. We can’t wait to see how he continues to work and what his game will look like in the coming years.

#85 6’2 2028 Kingston Hardie (Winston-Salem)

Finally, we look at a player that we are really excited to watch how he develops and has been a standout in the past on the Phenom Hoops platform. Hardie is a big prospect at a young age and understands how to use that to his advantage. He has a tremendous overall skillset that not only allows him to excel down in the post, finishing through defenders and rebounding well but also shows his capabilities from many other levels. Hardie has tremendous footwork at a young age to go along with touch, as he is relentless on the glass.  He showed tremendous ability in spacing the floor, being an impact player on both sides of the court, and being physical down in the paint. The next phase of his game is continuing to get stronger and develop his overall feel, which should only make him even tougher to stop. He is a name that should certainly warrant more attention down the road as he develops.