Just because the LIVE period is over in April, doesn't mean that Phenom Hoops is stopping their coverage, as we are bringing you a ton of post-event coverage as well throughout the coming weeks.  Let's dive into a few players and teams that we saw at the event, as we shed light on players that performed well throughout.

Run the Citi

2023 Tyrese Melo ' Melo was one that blew up last summer with his play, and it was good to see him back on the floor once again during this LIVE period.' Melo really showed his ability to be a scoring impact with his smooth game last year, but he also displayed more of his ability to be a playmaker, leading the offense, getting others involved, but also make plays for himself as well.'

2023 Daniel Penubothula ' Penubothula would be a nice addition for a program.  Between his length and size, his motor, his toughness, and his mindset to make plays all over the court, Penubothula really made his presence felt.  He was involved in a variety of ways, is a capable finisher, and spaces the floor well for his team.

2024 Nathan Robertson ' Robertson had his bright moments throughout the event. He did a nice job in getting to his spots off the ball and being a threat with his confident outside shot.' The 6'4 prospect can rise up over defenders and knock down multiple threes throughout the event.' A smooth shooter that can handle and create but was useful in knocking down shots. ''

2023 6'6 Tavaj Cope is able to be a downhill presence, showing his athleticism in finishing at the rim or getting to the rim. 2023 5'11 Marc Garraud brings toughness to the table as a guard and stepped up in making strong plays off the dribble but scoring in other ways as well.