Just because the LIVE period is over in April, doesn’t mean that Phenom Hoops is stopping their coverage, as we are bringing you a ton of post-event coverage as well throughout the coming weeks.  Let’s dive into a few players and teams that we saw at the event, as we shed light on players that performed well throughout.

Raleigh Raiders

The Raleigh Raiders program seems to always have players coming through their program, and we have two more prospects to start looking at more with what they showed at the event.

2024 Chris Uwayo – Uwayo is a name that we have talked about many times before and will only continue with what he showed at the event.  Uwayo is an absolute bucket-getter, as he understands how to score the ball well, do it in a variety of ways, and can create for himself.  Uwayo mixes up his game really well, excelling off dribble penetration, getting inside the defense well, and finding ways to score around defenders or get to the line. He is a guard that should get more attention.

2026 Itzhak Rachmuth – Rachmuth is a new name to learn and watch more about. He has good size that you like at 6’2, and he really opened up eyes with his offensive impact.  He did much of his work around the basket and in the paint, being an efficient scorer or getting to the line but also hit a three as well.  Rachmuth is simply a new name that should be on your watch list to see how he develops more.