Just because the LIVE period is over in April, doesn't mean that Phenom Hoops is stopping their coverage, as we are bringing you a ton of post-event coverage as well throughout the coming weeks.  Let's dive into a few players and teams that we saw at the event, as we shed light on players that performed well throughout.

NuStep Basketball

One thing that I have personally wanted to do more is highlight the talent in Canada because I believe that there is so much intriguing talent to be found in that area.' Phenom Hoops was lucky to have NuStep come down from Canada to Raleigh to showcase their talent, and we walked away with a few thoughts from all their teams. Let's dive into what we saw.

NuStep Black

The two players that really grabbed my attention were 2023 7'0 Hunter Harding, who eventually committed to Central Michigan about a week later, as well as 2023 6'7 Affan Razzaq. Harding is a big man that took up space, used his big body to operate in the paint, keep the ball high and showcase touch, and carved out space on the boards.' Razzaq is a player that I believe is a college-level player and is very intriguing. He is extremely long at 6'7/6'8, has terrific bounce, uses his length extremely well to his advantage, and can be a scoring impact in a variety of ways.' His length grabs your attention, and he makes his presence felt at both ends.

NuStep Blue

There were a few players that earned my attention with this team, as we wanted to highlight them more. 2024 6'1 Solomon Bell-Higgins led the charge for this team for much of the event, excelling well out in transition, attacking out in space, getting to the basket or setting up other teammates.  He scored the ball from multiple levels throughout.  2024 Evan Springer, a 6'5 prospect, had flashes as well; he is a long, bouncy prospect that does the little things on the court for this team.  Just always seemed to be active, make plays, and did the little things that didn't always show up in the scoresheet.

NuStep Gold

Another program that was on display, we take a look at what was said from our scouts with this team.

'6'4 '24 Elijah Edosa (NuStep Gold) is a strong, versatile piece. Really tough and active around the basket, but also skilled enough to push the break and make decisions with the ball. Quality rebounder. Capable spacing the floor and defending multiple positions.'

'Love the poised, confident way 6'4 '24 Prince Ojukwu (NuStep Gold) runs a team. Calm, heady guard with great vision, penetration ability, and craftiness around the basket. Sees the floor really well and makes quality decisions. Possesses IQ and athleticism.'

'6'4 '24 Emmanuel Paterson (NuStep Gold) is such an impactful all-around player. Showcasing IQ, footwork, and a versatile identity on both ends of the floor. Defends multiple positions, rebounds with consistency, and does a little bit of everything offensively.'

'6'7 '24 Oliver Lucas (NuStep Gold) is living at the rim. Strong, powerful athlete with long arms and a rugged, physical nature. Finishes through contact and way above the basket. Plays with toughness and a nonstop motor. Lurks really well for lobs and putbacks.'