Just because the LIVE period is over in April, doesn't mean that Phenom Hoops is stopping their coverage, as we are bringing you a ton of post-event coverage as well throughout the coming weeks.  Let's dive into a few players and teams that we saw at the event, as we shed light on players that performed well throughout.

Team Premier

2025 Jeremiah Wiggins (Team Premier 16u) ' Wiggins is one that we have noted in the past to put on your watch list, and he had another good outing at the Phenom Hoops LIVE.  Wiggins is a 6'7 prospect that brings size, is fluid, runs the floor, and makes his presence felt in an array of ways.  He continues to show that he can be a weapon from multiple levels.  

2025 Isaiah Godley (Team Premier 16u) ' Godley is a player that plays a valuable role this past season with South Central, and was able to show more of his impact on the floor with team premier. Godley is a 6'3 prospect that can make plays off the bounce, get downhill, and finish strong.  He had a good showing at the event.

2027 Keyshawn Herring ' Herring was putting on a clinic for Team Premier 15u at the event, and he is a name that you will want to jot down and watch out for.  Herring is a 6'1 player with good early size, is explosive, and simply knows how to put points on the board. He was filling it up, knocking down shots, getting to the line and finishing strong around the basket. Start checking out his highlights now, as he is going to be a name you hear a lot more.