Going viral is something many news and media outlets hope for their content to do with each thing they put out. With the major national audience we have accrued, Phenom Hoops has had the luxury of going viral numerous times with various articles and social media posts.

This week however, will go down as one of the most notable times that we have gone viral. It all started when Davidson came in to watch 6'8' sophomore Cheick Traore of Concord First Assembly (NC) on Friday night. During the game Traore finished with 11 points, 14 rebounds and 4 blocked shots.

Only a sophomore in high school the Ivory Coast native is an honor student, making mostly As throughout his young high school career (thus being recruited by an academic school such as Davidson).

Here is the original tweet…

From there, all heck broke loose. As of this writing (Tuesday Night), this tweet has received 859 Retweets, 1,976 Likes and had 560 people reply to the tweet. This tweet alone, the original, has received 1.9 million impressions, and this does not count the articles written about it or the screenshots of it.

Already multiple national media sources have picked up the story. The likes of USA Today and Barstool Sports have written about this tweet, and Cheick Traore with his Davidson interest.

Some of the articles have been positive, like this one written by Cam Smith of USA Today (CLICK HERE)

Some of the articles have not been so positive, like this one written by Keith Markovich of Barstool Sports (CLICK HERE)

We event had the likes of Bomani Jones of ESPN got into the mix…

All in all, millions upon millions now know who Cheick Traore is and that Traore is being recruited by Davidson (the high academic and highly successful alma mater of Steph Curry). By the way, he finished with 11 points, 13 rebounds and 3 blocked shots in this game — yes Davidson will be back, a lot…

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