Holly Springs – 68
Green Hope – 45

Holly Springs jumped out early and pretty much kept the gas to the floor for the entirety of the game. This was the start of the LJ Hepp era at Holly Springs and he came out the gates charged. The Holly Springs students and fans created a great environment throughout the event, obvious they are hip to the fact this could be a special year.

Holly Springs should be considered one of the top public school programs in the state. Having seen each school, they are in the 4A conversation with Independence, Millbrook and South Central and then everyone else.

We would be remised to not give a shoutout to Green Hope coach John Green. He does an absolutely fantastic job with his teams. They are all disciplined, patient and scrappy. They always run great sets and they can make shots. This team is no different and as the season wears on, they will win games the shouldn’t and make a nice playoff run. It is just what John Green led teams do.

Now on to the standout players.

Holly Springs
6′ 2020 Marcus Elliott
Stats: 21 Points, 5-6 3P, 8 Assists, 4 Steals

Welcome to the stage Marcus. He was unreal this game, really taking over in the second half. He shot the ball with deft touch and range and the quick on quick point guard has the ball on an absolute string. Elliott is a true point guard and plays with a chip on his shoulder. The D1s should start picking up here as he becomes a priority for many regional D1s in this class.

6’11” 2019 Kadin Shedrick (UVa Commit)
Stats: 9 Points, 15 Boards, 5 Blocks

There is not much on the floor Shedrick cannot do. He carries a 7’4″ wing span and incredible timing, which helps him snatch rebounds and swat shots consistently. He finished off the bounce and pushed the break. He also knocked down all his free throws. His best basketball is ahead of him, but he should be thought of as one of the 50 best players in the country.

6’6″ 2020 Kaleb Scott
Stats: 10 Points, 8 Boards, 3 Assists

Scott is incredibly strong and knows his role within this team. He is able to score both facing up or with his back to the basket. He attacked from the wing, high post and the free throw extended off the bounce. He has excellent vision and is a good rebounder. He currently has an East Carolina offer, many more should be on the way.


5’11” 2019 Ben Maske
Stats: 8 Points, 6 Boards, 4 Assists

Maske was the scrappy guy who had his nose in every play. He rebounded well, he set up his teammates and he shot the ball at each level. He was consistent and tough, really enjoyed watching him play and D3s should be checking in.

6’3″ 2019 Josh Savino 
Stats: 14 Points

Savino got the majority of his point toward the end of the 4th quarter, but it was an impressive barrage of buckets nevertheless. He has a smooth shot and good size to go with it.

6’3″ 2020 Jalen Corprew
Stats: 4 Points, 8 Boards, 3 Assists

Corprew brought the toughness and strength for sure. He is a good rebounder and defender and plays as if he is 6 inches taller. Corprew knocked down two 18 foot jump shots and was a pest on the block. Tough kid.