Ah, it feels refreshing to be back down here in North Carolina with our Phenom Hoops scouting team! As the Virginia guy, I’ve spent the last several months occupied with covering events in my home state. Still, I knew I had to capitalize when the opportunity presented itself to cover our annual ‘David Rose Memorial Day Classic’ (honoring the late staff sergeant, David Rose) in the city of Greensboro, NC. Dozens of teams make up the tournament games; held in four different gym locations. Assigned to Court 1 in the renowned Proehlific Park facility, I’ll spend time producing article features and Twitter coverage of players on this particular court for Day 1 today (5/25). Our other Phenom Hoops’ workers will stay busy doing the same.


Here’s my standouts of Saturday’s morning/early afternoon games:


Game 1: TMP 16u vs. Team Synergy 2021

  • 6’0” Bailey Wiseman ’21 – TMP 16u: In terms of getting a bucket on one’s own, Wiseman did it just as good, if not, better than anyone else in Game 1. He showed a nifty handle and great separation to make contested jumpers. In addition, I feel his quickness can turn him into even more of a slashing threat if he continues to show aggressiveness in that area. Definitely a talented shooting guard to keep in mind.
  • 5’10” Caleb Houston ’21 – TMP 16u: The team’s lead guard had a good showing in getting downhill for dimes and own personal finishes. His scoring’s still fairly coming along, but Houston clearly has capabilities of a guy who can shoot it and finish in transition. His exceptional speed and way of dictating an offense played a big role in TMP’s successful tempo.
  • 6’6” William Humphy ’21 – Team Synergy 2021: Humphy earns my pick as Team Synergy’s most potential-filled prospect, moving forward. He already has a notable frame and height as an underclassmen with room to keep growing. Defensively is where the forward shined the most; blocking more shots than anyone else during Game 1. Drawing fouls works solidly for him but he should help his stock increase by displaying more go-to moves and comfort in shooting from close areas.



Game 2: Fayetteville Flash 17u vs. NC Spartans East 17u

  • 6’4” Miles Ray ’19 – Fayetteville Flash 17u: A strong, lefty scorer, Ray had a big impact in his team’s offensive production from the early jump. He can finish with ease at the rim, rebound his own misses, and make shots from various spots on the floor. There’s plenty of other guys on his team who can put points on the board too, undoubtedly, but Ray’s presence had a bit more dominance with a natural feel. Unsigned senior that could end up as a steal.
  • 6’5” Traevon Jackson – Fayetteville Flash 17u: Arguably the best defensive performer in Game 2, the wing has some gifted athleticism and an incredibly high motor that makes him one of Fayetteville Flash’s most exciting members on the roster. Jackson played an important role in making NC Spartans’ perimeter players uncomfortable in making drives to the rim, keeping them outside on the perimeter mostly. His quick hands and lateral quickness helps some of the most on that end.
  • 6’8” Cason Pierce ’20 – NC Spartans East 17u: I saw some good skill in the muscular forward, as he operated mainly as a bigger guy who could step out and shoot the long ball. That capability could transition to Pierce becoming a reliable pick-and-pop player at the next level, while his strength results in finishing through contact. Looking to post up inside more should serve as his next focus. I’m sure mismatches will arise several times during this spring and future high school season.



Game 3: Team Synergy 2020 vs. DTA Elite 17u

  • 6’0” Anthony Allen ’20 – DTA Elite 17u: The neck-breaking play of DTA Elite’s transition prowess mainly stemmed from how well Allen initiated the fast break. He combines scoring and facilitating in his game smoothly and will undoubtedly go right at you for all 32 minutes, or however long he’s on the floor. I especially liked his quick crossover to get in the lane past defenders. He’ll keep making leaps if his shooting can emerge as more consistent.
  • 6’6” Omarion Bodrick ’21 – DTA Elite 17u: Having a personal dunk fest, the 6’6” Bodrick had one of the best performances of the morning. He’s an athletic forward who brings a commanding energy on both ends of the court at all times; making the game look easy for his age. His finishing ability may overshadow his vision, which stood out mostly in the second half. He’s still young and has some growing up to do but the overall talent remains inevitable. Looked a future next-level prospect out there.
  • 6’5” David Hubbard ’20 – Team Synergy 2020: Hubbard had a good start for his squad, providing toughness inside and running the floor hard for finishes. That same effort of running the floor led to a nice one-handed poster dunk early on, which I think caught DTA Elite by surprise. He seems to have comfort playing inside at the moment but should look to produce more on the perimeter if he wants to take that next step.



Game 4: NC Red Storm 17u vs. Fayetteville Flash 17u

  • 6’3” Keonte Bradley ’20 – NC Red Storm 17u: I like the lengthy wing’s athletic frame and effortless way of getting to the rim. Bradley’s first step and body control in straight-line drives led to him drawing some of the most fouls between both teams in Game 4. Once he earned a trip to the charity stripe, one could count on him completing the freebies. More shooting will need to take place next from Bradley; that’ll make scoring become even easier for him.
  • 6’4” Makee Edmond ’20 – NC Red Storm 17u: He’s somewhat undersized as a forward, height-wise, but the stocky Edmond nonetheless gave NC Red Storm some grit playing down low. I appreciated how much he valued details such as boxing out with aggressiveness and setting picks to roll hard. His never-ending effort on the glass played a big reason as to why his team separated themselves apart from Fayetteville Flash 17u in that category. Moving forward, transforming into more of a perimeter player will be key but he should continue to do what he does best for now. Valuable intangibles.
  • 6’5” Traevon Jackson – Fayetteville Flash 17u: Having another standout performance, Jackson displayed most of the same traits as listed above in Game 2. He’s already a notable ‘glue guy’ and can develop into an effective scorer (to already go along with his defensive prowess) if he continues to put in the work.



Game 5: Royal Knights 17u vs. Charlotte Aces 17u

  • 6’2” Javonte Waverly ’20 – Royal Knights 17u: Waverly had a nice performance in doing a bit of everything for the Knights, especially once the second half began. He has a good build for his position as a wing, can score it from different levels, and sees the floor well in transition. I liked his confidence, patience, and IQ, which all fuse together to make him one to watch.
  • 5’9” Jaden Quick ’20 – Charlotte Aces 17u: Quick had a…quick and deadly release that kept defenders using energy to make sure they knew where he was at all times on the floor. He really started to shot his shot in the second half, mainly around the top of the key. Becoming more of a playmaker, to go along with that reliable shot, can take him further in his career.





Stay tuned for my ‘Second-Half Standouts’ later this evening! Also be sure to check out other recaps of this weekend’s event on our website (www.phenomhoopreport.com)