Our staff is on the road all week and we bring you wall to wall coverage on the court. Here is what we think about the crowds a the game. We bring you some professional scores from the atmosphere at each game we walk into throughout the week…

Miles Masercola:
Mount Pleasant: 7.8/10
Mount Pleasant did an excellent job packing the gym and bringing in 50 or so students into the student section to go with a supportive crowd full of parents, friends, and locals.  The banter during the warm-ups was the highlight of the home crowd with the student section counting consecutive misses during South Stanly’s warm ups.  “ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR…” was yelled throughout leading to frankly what I believe to a hot start by Mount Pleasant after some of South Stanly’s roster appeared to be a little rattled during the early part of the game.  They continued cheering, and its clear Ryan Bonnett was the crowd favorite garnering an emphatic response from the student section after each of his 9 blocks on the night.  The “He’s a Freshman chant began when Shane Fernald got it going in the 4th Quarter, and I believe that chant will be a common sound amongst the Tiger faithful throughout the season.

Jamie Shaw
Holly Springs: 9.2/10
This was Holly Springs first game of what should be a special season. Their student section was off the charts. They had a construction theme and covered half the stands from top to bottom. The music they played got the crowd moving. The excitement and buzz from the win really got the fans going as well. I would like to see the crowd get more creative cheers going, but they did hit all the usuals like “Hey Hey Hey Good Bye…” and “I Believe We Will Win…”. Also, Holly Springs had the best team entrance yet, with fans bringing in spot lights and turning the lights off. Great stuff.

Heritage: 6.2/10
Heritage came into this one on their second game coming off a run to the state championship game where they fell just short. The crowd was spotty and only one side of the bleachers was pulled out. This game also had some energy taken out because of the score of the game. The students had 4 or so rows of students. Also, coaches from Virginia, UNC-Wilmington and Hampden Sydney were all in the house. Heritage cheerleaders were the bright spot here, along with the students standing up throughout. Would like to see more “non-students” show up as it seemed there was an equal amount of Holly Springs and Heritage fans there. This place has potential, but this is a good score.

Jeff Bendel:
Burlington Christian: 8.2/10
Both Northside and Burlington Christian were set to do battle at the Royals home stadium and hundreds of spectators continued to flow through the doors. They sold out quickly and the crowd featured local icons from Elon, including players and coaches, to watch an excellent battle. The home fans showed out incredibly well, which apparently has been a consistent trend for Burlington Christian throughout this season, and rightfully so, as they have numerous scholarship-worthy prospects on their roster.

Greensboro Day: 7.1/10
I liked Greensboro Day versus Piedmont Classical. It would have been better, as the crowd showed up, but it was at the Bengals home court and their fans were in utter disbelief, leading to more confusion than excitement from most spectators in attendance.

Northwest: Guilford: 5.5/10
Northwest Guilford’s students always support, but their lack of outside fans is somewhat disappointing, especially considering the incredible talent that they are showcasing on a nightly basis. People should be excited to see a team with three Division I prospects and numerous more college-worthy guys, as they’ll continue to remain as one of the top teams in Guilford County.