It is no secret, Phenom Hoops reputation is of an organization who puts players in front of college coaches.

It is no secret, Phenom Hoops reputation is of an organization who puts players in front of college coaches. Not only does Phenom Hoops bring elite exposure to the prospects, but the elite schools around the country have taken notice and made it a point to subscribe to the Phenom Hoop Report. In fact some of the schools Phenom Hoops works closest with are some of the most successful in the country.

The NCAA Tournament attracts the best teams and the best players who play Division 1 basketball, from around the country. Each year, is a different path and making the tournament is a culmination of proper recruiting, hard work training and team building and having an overall great season with breaks and talent. For some lower tiered teams and coaches it is a pinnacle achievement, for other blue blood type schools the depth of their tournament run is what makes their legacy and keeps them employed. With that said, making the tournament means you are among the best of your peers.

Our reputation at Phenom Hoops says we are among the best at what we do. Our NCAA compliant college subscription report is subscribed to by 150 Division 1 schools. Our in-depth and very informative website gets millions of views. Our exposure events bring in thousands of players from 22 states across the country. Our events also bring in thousands of coaches from over 80% of Division 1 schools from across the country to see these prospects first hand. We have built our reputation on the back of elite exposure and we want every one of these kids to get seen, and they do.

As mentioned before NCAA tournament is a culmination of the very best among the college landscape, which is a well-known fact. So in this writing we wanted to cross reference the numbers and show more reason why Phenom Hoops is the best at what we do. As with most that we do, we want to be transparent with our public.

The NCAA Tournament is an exclusive club which is made up of only 64 teams each year. In the 2017 Phenom Hoops had 116 alums who participated in that event. That comes out to each team in the field having, on average, 1.8 Phenom Hoops alums. UNC-Wilmington carried the most with 5 alums while North Carolina, Mount Saint Mary’s and Virginia each have four Phenom alums on their rosters.

As each round progressed, Phenom Hoops numbers got even more impressive. Participating in this weekend’s Elite Eight, six of the schools subscribed to the Phenom Hoop Report. North Carolina, South Carolina, Kansas, Kentucky, Xavier, and Florida all rely on Phenom Hoops for information and leads on the top kids.

As we mentioned above Phenom Hoops has firmly planted itself among the nation’s best. 80% of all Division 1 schools across the country attended Phenom Hoops Live events. Frank Mason, college hoops probable National Player of the Year is a Phenom Hoops Alum. 95 Phenom Hoops Alums played this season on Power-5 school rosters. 150 Schools subscribe to the Phenom Hoop Report, an NCAA complicate recruiting service.

Phenom Hoops has 30 events throughout the 2017 calendar year. Through the various exposure camps, AAU tournaments and high school showcases make sure you play in the events that coaches attend.