Phenom: What’s your excitement about this upcoming season?
Webb: This upcoming season, I am really excited to go out and compete at a high level. This will be my first opportunity outside of summer basketball to play against high-level programs night in and night out so I really want to take advantage of that.

Phenom: NC GBB is a new program but one that certainly has the attention of many.  What are you all as a team hoping to show and prove this year?
Webb: Although being a new program, we are looking to win early. We feel that we have enough pieces to take out some big programs and establish ourselves as one.

Phenom: You have been able to playing with your teammates and coaches this summer. How do you think that has helped prepare for the upcoming season?
Webb: Playing with the same guys from the summer helps because we don’t have to get accustomed to a bunch of new people. As far as season preparation, continuing to gel with our new pieces has been the main focus.

Phenom: Got a tough schedule but you all are not shying away.  What kind of mentality does this team bring to the court this year and for each game?
Webb: The mentality of everybody is that we can compete with whomever, we look forward to being challenged because that’s the only way we can get better collectively and individually. I think you will notice the intensity, physicality, and toughness have been raised another level from the summer.

Phenom: How has Coach Cole and the coaching staff helped prepare you all for this season?
Webb: Coach Pat Cole and our whole coaching staff have instilled a defensive first mentality into every one of our guys. I believe from the weight room, to our practice structure, and game preparation we have done a lot to prepare for the season.

Phenom: What are your strengths as a team?
Webb: Our strengths going into the season are that we play both sides of the ball well, we have guys that can both make plays and score the ball but we also feel that most High-school teams, in general, don’t take as much pride on the defensive end as we do.

Phenom: What has been your focus in your game in preparing for this upcoming season?
Webb: Personally, I have worked on trying to get stronger physically and become a more vocal leader at the guard position. Continuing to make the right reads on offense and knocking down shots will always be an emphasis as well.

Phenom: Recruitment has been picking up for you. What are you excited to show more to college coaches and let them know more about you and your game?
Webb: I try to keep the same mentality in what got me to this point & not think about recruitment when playing. I figure if I do what I need to do and become consistent in that while winning games the rest will fall into place. If I had to choose I would show coaches that I am a versatile player, can score within a set offense or free offense, with or without the ball, I’m very unselfish and I like to defend.

Phenom: You earned your first offer from Wingate. What was that moment like for you?
Webb: My first offer was big, to know that I’m one of the few offered a scholarship to get a free education was huge for me and my parents. It was really emotional to know that my hard work has turned into something positive.

Phenom: How did you hear about the offer and what did the staff say that they liked about your game?
Webb: I actually got the news while getting my physical at the doctor’s. One thing that stuck with me was that the staff really loved how I handled myself when things didn’t go my way this summer. Not the games I put up numbers but the stretches in the game where things didn’t look good.

Phenom: Have you been able to visit or learn more about that school? Did anything stand out?
Webb: I visited recently and loved the campus and facilities. It wasn’t hard visioning myself being a student there or playing for the staff, I felt like they really took me in for me.

Phenom: What other schools have been showing interest your way?
Webb: I have recently been in contact with UNCG, Appalachian State, East Tennessee, and Loyola Maryland.

Phenom: Should be a big season.  What is it like to get back on the court but now with your new program, and playing in some big events?
Webb: It’s great to get back into action. It’s been about 2-3 months since our last game so everything in the past is gone, we’re looking to make a name for ourselves.

Phenom: As a team, what are you all wanting to show about NC GBB?
Webb: As a team, we want to handle our opportunities appropriately, as kids who didn’t have a situation where we could play a schedule like this in front of people who possibly could change our lives we don’t want to take it for granted!