Phenom Hoops continues to dive into the minds of players around the region, learning their thoughts, their excitement about the upcoming season, and all the latest going on. In our latest 1-on-1 blog, we talk to one of the top players in the state of North Carolina in 2022 Cade Tyson. Now attending Carmel Christian, we dive into how he prepares for the upcoming season, being a leader on the court, and his goals for the season.

Check out what he had to say.

Phenom: What is your excitement about this upcoming season at Carmel Christian?
Tyson: As the season arrives, I am most excited to have the opportunity to play with my teammates and coaches who have become like family.  Also, I am excited to play in front of our student section and other fans.

Phenom: You had a terrific year last year but just came up short. What is your mindset coming into this year with a chip on your shoulder?
Tyson: My mindset is the same as the team’s mindset and that is to achieve our ultimate goal which is first, to stay united as a team and create a family-type atmosphere, and secondly, to win the state championship. If proving people right and/or wrong happens to occur then so be it

Phenom: You are now one of the clear leaders for this team. How are you focusing and preparing for this season, leading this team?
Tyson: Personally, I am focusing on leading by example and communication. As a leader, you have to stick your neck out for your guys no matter what and I need to portray to my teammates that I have their back in all circumstances.

Phenom: You have been around your team for the past few weeks. What excites you about this year’s team?
Tyson: I feel our team really knows how to play the game of basketball and when we are united as one on the court, we can be really good. I think that when we get to the point where everyone looks out for one another and tries to make a teammate’s life better we will have a chance to be really successful.

Phenom: You have some new pieces.  What will be different about this year’s team compared to last year’s?  Does anything excite you about your guys this year?
Tyson: The difference between last year’s team and this year’s team is that we don’t exactly have one main guy like we did last year with Ben Burnham. The main thing that excites me about this year is that my team strives to live by Philippians 2:3-4 which says, “Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others.”

Phenom: How have you been preparing for this season with your game? Anything you have been focusing on?
Tyson: To prepare for the season I have been focusing on staying lower on both sides of the ball, getting my shot off quicker, and being able to make plays off of the bounce.

Phenom: What has it been like playing under Coach Badgett and at Carmel Christian?
Tyson: Playing at Carmel Christian and under Coach Badgett has been one of the best decisions of my life. Coach Badgett has so much knowledge and wisdom to spread about the game of basketball and he really looks out for his players. I am very grateful for the positive impact he has had on my life, on and off of the basketball court.

Phenom: You have been able to put your recruitment behind you, already committing to Belmont.  How did that help you focus on this season and not have that looming over your shoulder?
Tyson: Committing to Belmont definitely helped take some weight off my shoulders before the season. I think it was the best choice for me because now I am able to focus solely on our team and our goals and put all my effort and energy into our team.

Phenom: How has your relationship continued to progress with your future coaches at Belmont?
Tyson: My relationship with my coaches at Belmont is continuing to progress as the year goes on. They check in on me every week and see how things are going and what I am working on. I am excited to watch my guys at Belmont play this year and my coaches there have assured me that they will be keeping their eyes on my progress during the season.

Phenom: What are your thoughts on this year’s team at Belmont?
Tyson: I am very excited to be able to watch this year’s team at Belmont. I can’t wait to see what they accomplish in the last year of being in the OVC. With five returning seniors and some other key pieces throughout the roster, I would expect them to play well together which would set them up to be quite successful this year.

Phenom: Overall, heading into your final year, what are you locked in as far as your team and final high school season?
Tyson: For my final year of high school basketball I am locked in on the team’s objective of winning the state championship and also building relationships with my teammates and coaches that will last a lifetime.

Phenom: What are your personal goals?
Tyson: I would not say that I have many personal goals due to the fact that all of my goals are team-oriented but I would like to make a lasting impression on my teammates, coaches, and the school of Carmel Christian.

Phenom: Finally, what is your excitement in playing in some big-time events this season, playing on the biggest of stages around the region?
Tyson: I am definitely excited to play in some big-time events this year. My teammates and I love to get after it and compete. Nothing is more fun than competing on the biggest of stages around the region.