Yomarius Eley 6'2 175 2019. York High School, Yorktown VA

Yomarius is a very talented guard with sound skills both as a shooter and as a facilitator. He possesses a unique feel for the game, always instinctively using his dribble and moving the defense to find the highest percentage scoring opportunity for his team. Managing the game clearly comes very easy for him both in the half court and in transition as he looks as natural as any player I've seen finding teammates for easy baskets, controlling tempo and running an offense. He has the ability to make all the passes, possessing excellent vision and sound decision making skills. Yomarius does a great job quickly surveying the floor and finding openings, while being quick to get the ball out of his hands as soon as he sees an opening. He truly does make his teammates better! Yomarius is an excellent ball handler who doesn't have many problems getting where he needs to on the floor. Also credit his ability to change speeds effortlessly and his quick acceleration attacking space. He does a fantastic job of getting in the lane and finding teammates, understands how to play at different speeds and thus is hard to contain off the bounce. He is very efficient and sure in his use of the dribble and doesn't turn the ball over. Yomarius also carries much of his team's' scoring burden and is very good shooting off dribble pull-ups, off screens or getting his shot off against bigger defenders around the rim. He is one of the better shooters in the 757 and especially off the dribble. He can stop on a dime and quickly elevate, has a high release and smooth stroke. He's very good scoring on the move and does a great job navigating the defense and creating good looks for himself as well as teammates. Always seems to find a cushion in the defense largely the result of his offensive versatility. He is a strong on ball defender using his very good upper body strength and quick footwork to contain the dribble. His high IQ and vision really aid his defensive efforts because he seems to always be in place to make a play or get a steal or rebound. Yomarius finds a nice mix between being a high volume scorer and being a distributor when called on in that role. He can play either guard position productively and efficiently, and his mature and steady court presence gives his teams a reliable go to guy who can make plays! Yomarius averaged 15 points, 6 rebounds and 5 assists a year ago earning him All Bay Rivers District, All Conference 33 and All Region honors.
Coach Erik Johnson (former Poquoson HS Head Coach now at Windsor HS) has coached against Yomarius for three years and calls him a 'predator' on the court. 'Yomarius is a student of the game and studies his opponent's tendencies and attacks accordingly. His leadership and skill level is a game changer'.