The Taqwain Drummond File:

Ht: 6'4

Weight: 165

Classification: 2017

School: Kecoughtan High School, Hampton VA

Basketball Achievements: Earned All PenSouth Conference honors

Kecoughtan Coach Willie Gause talks

with great pride and admiration for Taqwain Drummond

I have had the honor to coach a lot of great players. I have been blessed to be able to have a close connection with most of the major players from the Peninsula. But never have I seen or wanted to see a kid reach his goals and dreams more than I do for Taqwain Drummond. This kid had a season/career ending injury but he has worked harder than any other kid I've seen to be prepared to come back. He worked with Rock Solid Training and the Legacy Performance Group diligently to get back to 100%. He looks at and plays the game from a different prospective now knowing that any play can be your last. But the greatest thing about Taqwain is that while he was out he used the time to develop one of the most important things that a player needs which is a basketball IQ. He is really a coach on the floor. Often times in the game he will come over and we will be seeing the same thing during the game. Basketball IQ, is one part, the next essential part is his reliable shooting ability. I always say numbers don't lie. He produced great numbers last year which allowed him to become the go to guy for us and responded with a couple of game winners. But he is not a one dimensional player. If you closed out too hard on his jump shot, he has polished basketball foundational skills to be able to score from a one dribble pull up, a series of combination moves, or still show off his sneaky explosiveness and finish above the rim.

So who is Taqwain Drummond' Let me give you his basketball makeup; relentless work ethic combined with Ivy League basketball IQ, elite level basketball skills set combined a near 3.0 GPA. I think that equals a coach's dream! So to any coach who wants to get a return on your investment, get a kid who can come in and produce right away, a kid who can be the face of your program with leadership, stewardship, and class on and off the floor; we have a great one at 522 Woodland Road in Taqwain Drummond..

Drummond is ready to take the helm and lead Kecoughtan in his senior season

When Taqwain Drummond began his high school basketball career at Woodside High School three years ago it was obvious the freshman was a star in the making. With quick slashing drives to the rim and great bounce Drummond played above the rim and finished with authority quickly establishing himself among the 757's most exciting players. He had a strong freshman year and was already getting interest from a number of college coaches. Drummond transferred to Kecoughtan High School for his sophomore season joining the likes of Marcell Haskett, Damian Knowlin and Nick Carrera on a team many considered a favorite to win the state title. On a December night in Arlington VA Drummond's season came to crashing halt. Going up for a slam at Wakefield HS Drummond was hit and crumbled to the floor in pain suffering a torn ACL and meniscus. The competitive Drummond could only watch his sophomore season slip away and later the state title hopes of the Kecoughtan Warriors at the hands of the Oscar Smith Tigers in a late February playoff game. Drummond worked hard, often spending much of his day rehabbing his knee and working on his fundamentals and returned to the court for the 2015 season ready to show everyone he was back! He indeed was back and better than ever! Drummond improved his perimeter game adding a more consistent jump shot to his quick first step and electric drives to the rim. Still a vicious finisher above the rim he mixed in a nicely polished mid range jumper and showed himself to be a more complete player. Now the leader on what will be a junior dominated roster, Drummond is a guy teammates look up to for his courage and resiliency in addition to his work ethic and likeable personality. Drummond is now ready to be the man who will lead Kecoughtan to that next step, a state title game appearance.


Now Phenom Hoop Report takes you up close and personal

with the Kecoughtan star in this Q &A:


Q) I guess the knee injury would be on most people's mind. Tell us how it’s holding up now after a full season of play'

A) After a full season of play my knee is doing really good. Physical therapy and my personal trainers helped a lot for me to be back to 100%. It's strong and stable!

Q) Most people felt like with a healthy Taqwain Drummond, Kecoughtan wins the state championship last year. Can you describe for us the emotions you felt having to sit and watch an entire season when you came in with such high expectations'

A) Sitting out watching my team was very depressing because I wanted to be out there battling with them. But all I could do was encourage them every game and just be the best teammate off the court.

Q) Can you take us to the rehab process not only the physical stress and hard work on the road back but the mental anguish this must have caused'

A) The recovery process was difficult at first but I knew this was the only way to get back on the court. I started off going to therapy 3 times a week for 1 month. After the first month I felt like I need more work, so I started working out 2 times a day with my therapist and personal trainer every day.

Q) Y’all were fortunate you could go from losing one of the area’s most highly regarded coaches in Coach Thomas to replacing him with a guy already in the system, also highly regarded and a former coach of the year in Coach Gause. How was the transition for you guys as a team'

A) The transition for me was pretty easy. I've known 'Coach G' since I was in the 8th grade. As a team the transition was different because we were use to him being the assistant coach but everybody got comfortable with it. He set high goals and we worked hard together to reach those goals. We have a great staff who work together and organize detailed practices so we stayed focused worked hard.

Q) Your a junior but you were also a veteran on this young team and a guy depended upon to do so much on both ends of the floor. What would you consider was your most important role on the team'

A) My most important role on the team is being the leader. But with me being the leader of the team I guard the team's best player every night and take over games if I have too.

Q) Next year it’s your team and you’ll lead a talented group of juniors. In preparation for that role what are you looking to accomplish this of season individually and what are you looking to do help mold and prepare the younger guys for a more extensive role next year'

A) The offseason my goal is have a great AAU summer and pick up offers. As for helping the young guys I'm going to try to keep them in the gym and build better team chemistry so that we can have a successful season next year.

Q) You're a quiet, reserved kind of guy. What are your favorite hobbies or activities off the court'

A) I just like hanging out my family and friends. Some activities I do is go to Busch Gardens, movies, bowling. Off the court I just like to have fun

Q) What is your favorite basketball movie'

A) Favorite basketball movies are Love and Basketball and Coach Carter

Q) You weren’t playing basketball what sport would you be playing and what position'

A) I would play football and be a quarterback

Coach Willie Gause and his staff at Kecoughtan High School speak glowingly about the very likeable and outgoing Taqwain Drummond. Impressed with his work ethic and dedication to be the best, his coaches now feel Drummond not only returned from his injury much stronger physically but stronger mentally and fundamentally more complete. The summer should find Drummond attracting college coaches at the Division I level and he hopes his senior season finds him on the biggest stage, playing for a state title at VCU!