Timothy Randolph 6’4 155 2022 James Kenan HS, Warsaw NC

Tim is a very efficient player, athletic, long and active.  He offers a great deal versatility as a player who has the length, strength and excellent leaping ability to impact the game on the glass and also the playmaking and shot making skills to impact the perimeter.  He plays with patience with the ball in his hands and picks his spots when to attack and when to pass.  He has the length to play over the top of many guards and is a solid passer.  Timothy uses his dribble to draw extra defenders and has the vision to find cutters, make drop off passes on the drive or kickouts.  There is no wasted or unnecessary dribble activity as he receives a pass and first looks to see what he has.  He makes great reads and knows when to be a facilitator or when he must take over the scoring load.  Tim uses his dribble nicely to move defenders out of the box and then employ his long strides and length to get into seams.  His combination of length and a strong frame make him difficult to keep out of the paint as he really gets low with the dribble and can change directions quickly.  His strides are rangy and powerful and he can get downhill quickly.  Times very comfortable pulling up off the dribble and knocking down shots.  He has a high release and really sound shooting fundamentals.  His first step is explosive and he attacks the rim hard and finishes exceptionally well.  On his pull-up jumper he can stop on a dime and elevate quickly into his shot and is very difficult to contest given his length and high release not to mention how powerful his strides are and
how abruptly he can put on the breaks, on balance and under control as he elevates into his shot with fluidity and comfort.  At the rim, he is a fantastic finisher.  When he expects contact he gets low and compact and explodes powerfully off two feet to the rim and is tight with the basketball so as to protect it from defenders.  He has a nice array of finishing moves and is a powerful finisher who can also finesse you.  He can go over the top of you with the dunk, use the sidestep move and really executes that move masterfully, or when pursued from behind use a long layup stretching out his lengthy frame for a finish. Off the ball, he is a long target for lobs either at the rim, in the high or low post or throwing over defenders.  He is a threat to knock down shots mostly inside 20 feet as that’s where he operates so comfortably and is where he played within the team concept during my observation opportunities.  I was impressed with his footwork, shot mechanics and the high percentage he shoots the ball at in catch and shoot as well as pulling up off the dribble.  A very unselfish player with obvious high scoring potential, Tim does have the ability to put a team on his back when needed and make big plays on both ends of the floor.  His defense is really impressive as he has the length and lateral quickness to defend the perimeter. He stays low and in good defensive posture and doesn’t reach.  He is a very good rebounder and has a nose for the basketball!  Tim is always moving so he is quick to establish rebounding angles and his powerful leaping ability coupled with a long wingspan allows him to be a high volume rebounder, active and impactful on both the offensive and defensive glass.  He is a very good repeat jumper and competes for the basketball.  Timothy is a multi-sport athlete playing football and baseball in high school.  He communicates on and off the floor and stays engaged when on the bench.  I liked his body language throughout.  Never seems rushed, never discouraged and maintains a positive demeanor.  College coaches should begin monitoring Timothy Randolph right now!  He is obviously talented and skilled and has a great feel.  His physical tools are equally impressive and he’s an honor student! His upside is exciting!