Shakir Dawan, Jr 5'9 150 2021 Phoebus High School, Hampton VA (4.2 gpa)

What stands out most about Shakir is his great poise and composure for a freshman getting good minutes often in big games for one of the state's top programs at Phoebus High School. He is smart, deceptively quick and has excellent anticipation. A lights out left handed shooter with volleyball line range and a smooth stroke, Shakir has a quick release and gets good elevation that allows him to get his shot off over taller defenders. Able to make shots with a hand in his face. Shakir stays shot ready, moving well and active without the ball, elevates suddenly on is jumper even off the bounce which keeps his defenders off balance. His ability to handle the ball well and create off the dribble provides a cushion often necessary for him to pull up on the mid range shot because of his ability to elevate quickly. Has a good touch on the floater which allows him to score over taller defenders. Shakir has good upper body strength and is able to fight off contact and get shots off at the rim as well. Although he does not possess explosive quickness, Shakir is ball quick and can get from the catch into his first step quickly as his motions are compact and decisive, his initial step powerful and efficient. He uses and understands angles and spacing. He does a good job recognizing when to cut off his drive and pass the ball and not get bottled up in traffic. He has excellent court vision and seemingly knows where everyone is at all times and compliments that with sound passing skills. Uses a variety of passes and with a great deal of velocity even off the dribble as he passes ahead to an open cutter. Shakir is a solid and active on ball defender with sound mechanics. His sound footwork and upper body strength allows him to combine physicality with a good amount of defensive quickness containing the dribble. Off the ball he is really solid as he anticipates well and breaks quickly on passes and gets a lot of off the ball steals. Shakir is a promising prospect and will become one of the areas better guards as he has solid skills and basketball maturity beyond his freshman years. His combination of scoring ability off the ball, shot making skills and ability to create offense for himself and teammates with the dribble enhances his value. He is oozing with talent and potential in the classroom as well! Shakir owns a 4.2 GPA and was accepted into the ACE (Academy of Advanced College Experience) program in addition to being selected for the National Academy of Future Scientists and Technologists Award of Excellence for outstanding academic achievement, leadership potential and determination to serve humanity on the field of science and technology which is held in Boston Massachusetts.