Pharaoh Lassiter 6'1 150 2021 Churchland High School (Portsmouth VA)

Pharaoh has impressive scoring instincts, one of the 757's best scorers! He is a shot maker who can get hot and hit a barrage of three pointers both spotting up and off the dribble from well beyond the arc, his range is incredible and he shoots the ball with seemingly little effort from that deep! His stroke is sound and consistent from all levels and his discipline as a shooter is impressive. Most of Pharaoh's offense revolves around his jump shot as he is very good as a spot up shooter or coming off screens. When he gets hot he can really pour on the points from anywhere, contested or not. He averaged 24ppg on the junior varsity last season and had three games of 30 or more points! He is an opportunistic scorer filling the lanes in transition and with space in the half court. Pharaoh has a solid first step and good footwork attacking closeouts; he can get his shot off with very little space and can get his shot off quickly after the catch or after a separation move. He has made great strides adding diversity to his shot making skills becoming more comfortable and consistent off the dribble and adding some 'creativity' to his game off the drive. Has been for the most part a straight line guy but is doing a better job using his elite athleticism and good quickness to become more explosive and shifty. It's scary to think he is already a high volume scorer and is just now expanding his offensive variety! Coaches have no doubt but that he will be a more versatile scorer next season as he is a quick learner and stays in the gym working on his game. His coaches applaud his work ethic and coachability in addition to his tremendous upside. Pharaoh ran track for Churchland High School and earned All State honors as a freshman! He competed in the high jump, 400M and 4X4 going to the state championships in the high jump and 4X4. He often came off the field from track practice and straight to the gym to work on his basketball skill development, he's a gym rat! Defensively Pharaoh displays his solid footwork and quick feet, contains the dribble well. I've been watching Pharaoh for over two years and few in his class have the scoring potentialhe possesses. He is flat out dangerous when he gets hot, can carry a team. He moves well off the ball and finds ways to get open so defending him requires you to chase him around and he can catch and shoot so quickly if you leave space he will bury you! When he's locked in, it doesn't matter if you're in his face or if you bump him, he can knock down the shot! There is always a place for someone with Pharaoh's shot making skills at all levels and he is an exciting prospect college coaches should keep an eye on!