Patrick Ngongba II 6’2 160 2024 VA Dreamchasers AAU

Patrick immediately catches your attention not only because of his impressive length at 6’2 with high hips, long wingspan and broad shoulders but because of his amazingly advanced skill level for a player so young. I’ve seen him a few times this winter and into the summer AAU season and he always does something new that impressed me. I’ve watched him come from help side and snatch an opponent’s shot attempt out of the air and immediately rifle a pinpoint pass out to his guard near mid court with very good velocity leading to a fast break basket. He often has grabbed a rebound and pushed the ball up the floor leading the break and making sound decisions passing ahead, demonstrating good ball handling skills and court vision. He is mobile and quick footed enough to switch ball screens and contain smaller ball handlers and can also use his strong and lengthy frame as an imposing presence inside as a dominant rebounder and showing very good timing as a shot blocker. Patrick plays big and demonstrates impressive footwork given his size and age. He is agile and athletic, his footwork sound and coordinated, he combines good strength with enough quickness to defend multiple positions. Demonstrates instincts as an offensive rebounder and combined with his high motor and tools makes him a force on the offensive glass. Patrick is quick off the ground for rebounds and gathers quickly for powerful repeat jumps. His wingspan allows him rebound outside his area, combined with his anticipation and IQ allows him to defend passing lanes capably. Offensively Patrick has a good and developing handle and can get his own shot off the dribble. Has shown to be a good and willing passer. He has very good shot mechanics and obviously has been coached up quite well. Shows a nice touch around the rim which is an indicator of future shooting potential. He is capable of hitting the trail jumper and spot up three pointer and his perimeter skill set is obvious and he execute comfortably away from the rim. The allure around Patrick comes from his impressive frame and immense potential but when you factor in his impressive basketball roots he becomes an even more intriguing figure. Patrick’s mother is former George Washington University and WNBA star Tajama Abraham Ngongba who is currently an assistant women’s coach at George Mason University. She is a GWU Basketball Hall of Famer! His father is former George Washington University power forward Patrick Ngongba. His Mother is 6’3, his father 6’7 and every indication is Patrick’s frame will fill out similarly. His uncle is former Marquette University star Faisal Abraham, Tajama’s brother who stands 6’7 and ranks among Marquette’s all time leading shot blockers. Patrick II obviously has the basketball DNA but looks to be well on his way to carving out his own identity as a player showing the versatile skill set that should produce a player capable of impacting games on the perimeter as well as around the rim. He’s an exciting prospect with limitless potential and one to monitor going forward!