Maliq Brown 6’7 190 2022 Blue Ridge School, St George VA / Team Loaded VA

Maliq is a tremendous talent with obvious impressive length at 6’7 and a huge 6’11 wingspan!  He runs
the floor exceptionally well demonstrating good speed and agility, fills lanes nicely in transition, has great
hands and a nice touch around the rim!  That’s already saying a lot but what makes Maliq an even more
impressive player is his versatility and the fact he doesn’t have to rely on post touches to score.  With this
ability to run the floor, pound the offensive glass, set good screens and roll hard to the rim he creates a lot
of scoring opportunities for himself simply by hustling and outworking people.  Maliq has an outstanding
touch with his floaters on short rolls and tip ins and can finish through contact.  He has very good shot
mechanics and can hit the jumper to three point range and also handle well enough to get his own shot off
the bounce.  Maliq is very good in high/low action because not only is he a good finisher and scorer but a
very good passer out of the high post or low post.  He recognizes double teams and can pass out of them
or use the dribble to avoid double teams.  Maliq brings a lot of energy on both ends of the floor and beats
most opposing bigs down the floor creating matchup concerns; he actually beats a lot of players down the
floor with his long, graceful strides, energy and quickness.  He converts shots filling lanes nicely in
transition accounting for a lot of his offensive production although he can post his man or very
comfortably face up and score with either the jumper or off the bounce.  Defensively he is relentless
pursuing rebounds and demonstrates a good amount of physicality in addition to his athleticism and
quickness.  Maliq gets off the floor nicely and is a very good repeat jumper but with his quickness off the
floor and long wingspan he rarely needs repeat jumps to secure a rebound.  He has very good defensive
footwork and defends multiple positions even defending 3/4 types on the performer.  He is a true rim
protector swatting shots with regularity and most impressively pursuing and blocking would be layups by
opponents in transition.  Maliq’s skill set suggests a move to the wing would be a seamless transition and
even occupies that role on occasion. He is a two sport star at Blue Ridge School where he is a sure
handed wide receiver and cornerback on the school’s football team.  Maliq also spends time volunteering
in his community helping youth basketball and football programs.  Maliq is one of the most exciting
prospects I’ve seen this Spring where he is a key component on the nationally ranked Team Loaded VA
15U AAU team.  Also playing for a nationally recognized program at Blue Ridge School under former
University of Virginia guard Cade Lemke he has all the surroundings for a successful academic and
athletic future.  Watch him blow up this summer as more coaches become familiar with him!  The sky is
certainly the limit for Maliq Brown!