Koy Yarbough 6'5 175 2021 Forest Park High School (Woodbridge VA)

Koy is an intriguing prospect at a lanky 6'5 with long arms and a lot of potential!' His frame suggests
plenty of vertical growth potential and his shoulders and upper body structure provide a foundation that
should fill out nicely in time, he recently turned 15 years old. Koy looks very comfortable and competent
handling the basketball and can get to the rim using inside out dribbles and crossovers accompanied by a
nice stutter step move and change of pace dribbles. It's obvious he has been coached up as he
demonstrated'playmaking potential with the dribble and very good shot mechanics with deep three point
range.' Koy can handle in the open floor and pushes the ball nicely, has long, swift strides and is
extremely agile. He can step into the jumper and score from all levels and also demonstrates sound
mechanics on catch and shoot opportunities.' He demonstrates sound footwork out of triple threat and as
he receives the basketball and has a quick, fluent release. He can rip a rebound off the glass or jump into
passing lanes and get a steal and go coast to coast with the dribble finishing with a slam or layup. He is
smooth and comfortable executing the one and two dribble pull-up and as he drives into the lane stepping
into his jumper. Koy has good shot selection and shoots at a high percentage from all levels. He is a
knockdown shooter in addition to being a very good scorer.' He is extremely agile with sufficient
quickness.' Koy rebounds the basketball well elevating quickly and demonstrating very good repeat
jumping ability. He has excellent timing for blocked shots and is quick and under control to closeouts,
tries to contest everything and does so under control and without picking up unnecessary fouls, a
testament to his competitiveness.' He moves his feet very well and covers a lot of ground with his long
yet quick strides and long frame.' Koy can defend the post but also does a very good job staying low in
his defensive stance, moving his feet and containing the dribble in space.' There is a lot to like and a lot to
be excited about in Koy Yarbough and he is definitely a player we will be hearing a lot about in the near
future.' He was an honor roll student and also starred on the football team in middle school. Koy has all
the tools for success; talent, skill set, athleticism, length, a great motor and versatility. He will be an
impact high school player with potential to play at the next level!
Coach Paul Pleas (Higher Level AAU) on Koy Yarbough: 'Koy has recently made the transition from
post player to wing and has performed well. He can do it all on the court; defend, rebound, shoot, pass.
He shot a very high percentage from three as the season progressed. Huge upside and very versatile.
Has a knack for hitting big shots'.

Highlight Video Link: https://youtu.be/Oe9xqREI86w