Khalil Genwright  6’1 155 2023. Noble Middle School, Wrightsville Beach NC

I was thoroughly impressed with Khalil’s effort and both his talent and skill level; his athleticism is off the charts!  He has a chiseled frame, powerful legs and toughness and a motor that just don’t slow down! He is a very good point guard, a solid passer with excellent vision and sound passing skills.  Khalil is so good at creating offense for his teammates as he gets into the lane at will, drawing help defenders and being able to deliver pinpoint passes to cutters or shooters spotting up on the perimeter.  He basically sheds bodies during his powerful drives to the rim he’s just that strong and powerful.  In doing my research I did find that in addition to basketball, Khalil is a star football player at running back and outside linebacker at Noble MS, thus the impressive combination of power, quickness, and agility he displays as a playmaker.  Add those impressive physical qualities to his leadership skills, his vision and passing skills and you have an impressive playmaker. Attacking the rim he moves very decisively and changes direction abruptly without losing stride.  He can overpower most guards and also has a powerful and explosive first step allowing him to blow by defenders. Khalil also has explosive leaping ability finishes with power and craftiness.  He’s bullish and crafty attacking the rim, a punishing finisher and gets to the line at a very high rate as a result.  Khalil displays a solid shooting stroke and very good elevation.  He can knock down the pull up jumper at a good rate, his strength serves him well and he and he knows how to use it to initiate and use contact to create space.  He makes great decisions with the basketball and is an unselfish player although he knows when and has the ability to take over a game. Defensively he is a warrior! He is so quick-footed, strong and disciplined and defends on the ball with relentless pressure and doesn’t get beat. Khalil communicates and competes on every possession and you can see he just loves the challenge. He has the physical tools that allow him to guard multiple positions effectively and his powerful leaping ability and explosive elevation makes him a factor on the glass. I watched him take over a close game against a very good team at a recent event and he has something special with his competitiveness and his ability to almost will his team to victory. He made big play after big play, mostly off the dribble dominating in isolations and getting to the rim where he scored or got to the line and scored. He took a beating and hit the floor hard a few times and bounced right back up but he also punished a few defenders as well. I haven’t seen him play football but I would hate being tasked with trying to bring him down coming out of a backfield. He is a fearless competitor who won’t be denied! He’s the kind of player a coach has to love and college coaches should certainly make a point to inquire about Khalil Genwright!