Kelby Saunders, Jr 6'2 155 2021 Smithfield High School, Smithfield VA

Kelby Saunders, Jr does the things that don't show up on a stat sheet but will win you games!' He plays
winning basketball, has terrific intangibles, and does all of the little things the help his team.' He's an
outstanding athlete with a strong frame and very good quickness.' His motor is nonstop and he plays
every possession as if the game were on the line.' Kelby defends, he makes the extra pass, he crashes the
glass, he has a solid feel and his attitude is a coach's dream.' Kelby is a knock down shooter from all
angles and has good range.' He gets good elevation and has sound shot mechanics.' He has a nice touch
around the rim when finishing inside and is really consistent on catch and shoot jumpers.' He is an
aggressive player who is fearless and willing to battle inside.' He is absolutely relentless while defensive
rebounding, stays locked in defending the dribble, is alert and instinctive off the ball, attempts to contests
every shot and has the versatility that allows him to defend multiple positions effectively.' Kelby is
quickly developing more offensive versatility as he learns to play off the ball more effectively but he has
all the tools athletically and fundamentally to be an impact high school player this season with plenty of
upside to be excited about!