Kaden Metheny 5’11 165 2020 University HS, WV / Big Shots WV Elite

Kaden is an outstanding scorer and shooter and puts a lot of pressure on defenders with his multilevel
scoring ability and quickness.  He is a fearless and tough competitor, wants the ball in his hands in crunch
time.  Kaden has a super quick handle and uses a variety of dribble moves (inside out, crossovers, behind
the back) to break his defender down.  Uses hesitations and change of pace nicely and has a really quick
first step and some explosiveness and shiftiness as he attacks defenders.  Can get any shot he wants off
the dribble!  Kaden is very good shooting off the dribble!  He elevates quickly and has a lightening quick
release.  His shot mechanics are sound, smooth.  He can attack you full speed and suddenly stop on a
dime and nail the jumper or give you a double clutch dribble move or hesitation and blow right by you!
Kaden doesn’t need much space to get his shot off as his release is so quick, his stop and pop move so
abrupt and his footwork is textbook which allows him to get separation from defenders.  He moves well
without the ball, great footwork coming off screens and as he catches the ball and he is an elite level
shooter with “in the gym” range.  Kaden gets his shot off quickly on catch and shoot opportunities and
still converts at an impressive rate when shooting under duress.  Kaden is a threat as a playmaker as he
demonstrates good vision and is a very good passer.  For such a good scorer he is a willing and skilled
passer, shows good vision and solid ball skills overall.  Defensively he is smart and crafty.  He has very
good lateral quickness and his athleticism and quickness makes him a threat to make plays on the
defensive end all over the floor.  Kaden currently holds offers from Drexel, USC Upstate, West Virginia
Wesleyan, Youngstown State and Western Carolina on a quickly growing list.  Big Shots WV Elite coach
Travis Carr says Kaden is the quickest guard he’s seen in years! “Kaden brings distinctive parts of his
game that we just don’t see that often in the 804 area.  For our WV Elite Team, he mainly plays point
guard; he has one of the quickest first steps I’ve seen! He also has one of the quickest and deadliest shot
releases in his arsenal. I have been impressed with his stamina and conditioning which allows him to play
pressure man to man defense 94 feet. He has had several games where he didn’t come off the floor!
Standing around 5’11 Kaden is very confident but never cocky, which I love about him. He carries
himself with confidence but he will never show anyone up on the court, he’s a silent assassin. The D1
interest is starting to pour in now! His skill level combined with 4.0 GPA makes him a solid prospect and
he is bound to be an impactful and exciting player at the next level”. – Coach Travis Carr, Big Shots WV
Elite / Head Coach Prince George HS, VA.