Joshua Askew 6'0 150 2022 Donald Hand Basketball/Team Thrill VA

Josh is a strong and very athletic player with a great feel, the look of a natural! He combines strength with quickness and a great motor and has a nose for the basketball. Offensively he could be considered more of an opportunistic scorer as he gets a lot of points the result of his tireless rebounding ability and by getting to lose balls or getting steals and turning them into points. Josh can get to the rim off the bounce and converts at a high rate. He can also knock down the 16-18 footer and has double figure scoring potential. Although he can endure contact and get to the rim he often uses his dribble to create opportunities for teammates. Whether shooting the ball or making the pass he is very efficient with his touches. He is quick with the ball in his hands and is effective attacking the rim off the bounce or grabbing a rebound and going end to end. He is a high IQ player who enjoys penetrating and dishing to teammates for the score as much as he likes scoring himself. Josh is a talented and smart defender with the strength, size, length, and lateral quickness combination necessary to guard every position effectively at this stage. This allows him to stay on the floor with most anyone next to him be it a quick guard or a bigger post player. Josh is very good at moving his feet to deny penetration, also strong enough to body up and play physical defense. Will jump into passing lanes and take bad passes the other way for easy transition baskets. When defending away from the rim he drops down into the paint to grab rebounds and lead the break. Josh has very good instincts defensively and the quick reaction that allows him to impact games on the defensive end as well as anyone. He can get you 10-12 rebounds per game but can also get you 6-8 steals per contest because of his versatility and defensive awareness. Coach Donald Hand says he wouldn't be surprised to see a few triple doubles from his versatile wing referring to rebounds, assists and steals as Josh is very capable. Once he develops more of a scorer's mentality he's going to be a huge problem in the 2022 class! Josh has tremendous upside and has the IQ and physical tools necessary to develop into one of the 757's top prospects in his class.