Player:'Jaylin Rowell
HT:'6'0,150 pounds
High School: Norview High School, Norfolk VA
GPA: 3.0
High School Statistics: 16.4ppg (38 made three pointers, shooting 46% behind the arc)

Coach Frank says:'Jaylin is an outstanding shooter at all levels and has great range on the jumper.' He has the ability to make tough shots under duress and has put teams away with game winning long range jumpers, wants the ball with the game on the line!' His stroke is smooth and his release extremely quick allowing him to get his shot off with minimal space.' He gets from catch to shot pocket as quick as anyone in the 757 and gets excellent extension.' He plays well off the ball and reads defenses and knows how to get open.' Opponents know he's a legitimate three point shooting threat yet he manages to get open and get good looks at the rim, does a great job reading screens.' In the last few months Jaylin has become more comfortable putting the ball on the floor and attacking the rim rather than settling for the outside shot.' His eye popping shot consistency from beyond the arc helps setup the drive to the rim and his ability to be ball quick allows him to rip through without wasted movement and get into the drive quickly.' He can hit the mid range jumper and can get to the rim, handles the ball well enough to create and get his own shot or move defenders and find the open man.' He's gotten very good at setting up his defender and scoring off a dribble move.' Really has become a much more complete player and has transformed himself into a next level prospect.' Jaylin is athletic and has a great motor.' He defends either guard position, has solid defensive mechanics and quick active feet.' I watched him in the fall and was obviously impressed with his three point shooting but now that he has added more dimensions to his game I'm convinced he's a prospect college coaches should take note of.