Jaden House 6'3 175 2020 Henrico High School, Richmond VA

Jaden is an athletic marvel; he is powerful and explosive. He can stop on a dime and before you can blink an eye he explodes by you. He elevates quickly off the floor and has crazy bounce and he plays at a furious pace from opening tap to final buzzer if need be. He has the ability to beat players off the dribble with his tremendous first step going left or right, and is solid getting to the rim in a straight line. Jaden attacks the basket with a lethal first step and crossover ability showing a quick, tight handle and cat like quickness even while executing difficult crossovers and change of direction moves where he establishes a low center of gravity and with his powerful strides and shifty movements erupts into the paint or to the rim. He handles the ball exceptionally well and gets into the lane effortlessly. Jaden will also use a stutter step or a change of pace, not always relying on being able to turn the corner with his quickness. He's very good at splitting two defenders. He has an insanely fast dribble in the open floor, covers alot of ground in a few seconds with his great speed and then has a second level of closing speed when he sees the slightest bit of daylight between himself and the rim. He finishes well at the rim and is unafraid to go up in traffic. He's gonna dunk in you just know that! He ain't coming to the rim to be denied, he's bringing explosiveness, power, craftiness and determination! Jaden does it all offensively, he can post you despite being 6'3, he can make precision weakside cuts to the rim for a catch and shoot jumper or finish at the rim and he can knock down the three pointer off the dribble or on the catch. He gets good lift on his jump shot and has a quick release. Jaden creates space for himself by bouncing off contact he often initiates for the mid range jumper. He is a solid passer, unselfish, will look for the open man. Jaden has lateral explosiveness, long arms and excellent feet and defends the dribble in an almost suffocating style. His anticipation and quickness off the ball make him a threat for steals and he rebounds the ball very well, has a nose for the ball! He's a relentless competitor! Jaden may well be the breakout player in the 804 this season and college coaches at D1 and D2 should go take a look!

Phenom Hoop Report's National Scout Jamie Shaw tweeted during the 2017 Phenom Grassroots TOC: 'Jaden House of River City Reign has all the ingredients. Strong, downhill wing making defensive stops.' Phenom Hoop Report's TeLante' Webber also tweeted during the 2017 Phenom Grassroots TOC: 'Jaden House got buckets this morning. Attacks the basket strong and finishes through contact.'