Major news was made last week when Langston Wertz broke the news that Phenom Hoop Report has been approved to implement a shot clock in each of their first two events of the 2018-19 season.

pic via SI

Both Phenom’s National High School Showcase presented by Chatlee Boats (November 16-17 in Greensboro, NC) and Carmel Christian’s Tip-Off Classic presented by Phenom Hoop Report (November 9-10 in Charlotte, NC) have been approved and are equipped to be the first shot clock to ever be used in the state of North Carolina.

This has been an incredibly hot topic within the state, and country really, over the last year with many people sitting on both sides of the fence in regard to the shot clock. Major events such as Nike’s Elite Youth Basketball League and Geico Nationals use a shot clock as it replicates basketball all over the world and at all levels.

However, many detractors have talked about the cost and expenditure of implementing the shot clock. Every school will have to buy the actual clock, they will have to train people to run the clock, have to add another person during games to run the clock. Also, the associations will have to train referees to be versed on the clock. We are talking thousands of dollars, both up front and recurring, for each school. These are the same fees that are currently in play when you look at the play clock that each of these schools already has for football.

Phenom Hoop Report has always been able to stay ahead of trend with their events and coverage. Not only do we have an immense fan base of coaches and players that we listen to and dialogue with often. If an idea makes sense, we are going to implement it and are not afraid to be the very first to do so. So many people were talking about the shot clock, so here we are taking action. After these two events, the state will know so much more about the use of the shot clock and will be able to have much more informed conversations about that topic.

Homer Ramierz (Executive Director of the North Carolina Independent Schools Athletic Association) agrees with this notion above as he told Langston Wertz of the Charlotte Observer, “I think that there’s still lots to be learned from a shot clock for high school basketball, and this (these two events) will be a good opportunity to learn.”

ESPN’s National Director of Recruiting Paul Biancardi has been a vocal advocate for the shot clock nationwide. He tweeted out that he advocates for the pace of play it will bring, “A shot clock will drastically improve flow and put coaches and players in a position to make decisions. High school basketball in the USA is the only organization in the world that is not completely on board with this. The players will enjoy it, they will make more decisions and have more possessions each game.”

Phenom Hoop Report is excited to be able to test this out in North Carolina. Along with the teams coming from seven (7) different states, there will be 25 or so schools participating in these two events who are member schools of the North Carolina state organization. Every game played will be played with a shot clock. Not only will people be at both events watching the five 5-star players and numerous other Top 100 prospects and nationally ranked teams who are sure to get the crowd on their feet, there will be a lot of eyes, within the state, watching how the shot clock runs.

After all, this is the first time ever a real high school basketball game will be using a shot clock in the state of North Carolina, data is needed.