Efton Reid 6'11, 245 2021 Steward School, Richmond VA

2018: Earned All TCIS 1st Team Honors'Has interest from Virginia, Georgia Tech.

Efton is one of the most advanced low post scorers I have seen in the 2021 class anywhere! He has a long, strong frame that allows him to establish post position on a regular basis. Has large, soft hands and his footwork is excellent. While he is an impressive figure at a long 6'11, 245 Efton's feel for the game and natural instincts really stand out. He is quick with his back to the basket assortment and makes his move as soon as he feels contact. He has a soft touch around the rim with the ability to finish with either hand, can go over either shoulder, baseline or middle. Efton is effective at the high post as well often able to back down his defender and finish above the rim. Does a very good job passing out of double teams and using the dribble to back out of double teams before being trapped. I have had the opportunity to see him over the summer and in the recent high school season and while he is not an explosive leaper his improved conditioning and natural maturity of his body has given him more lift and more of an opportunity to impact games as he runs the floor very well and attacks the glass much more effectively. Very good on the offensive glass! He has also become more effective rebounding outside his area and just continues to look more and more comfortable and fundamentally sound as he asserts himself in the paint. Efton does all the little things consistently, boxes out, seals his man and shows a target when asking for the ball. He works the blocks well defensively, moves his feet as he plays very good position defense denying his man the ball or rotating on ball movement. Efton is not only an exciting talent on the basketball court he is an A/B student. He is without question one of Virginia's most exciting freshmen and will be a definite high major prospect.