Dominic Shoemaker 6’1 170 2022 Osbourn Park HS,

Dominic is a very good shooter and has excellent range and a quick release. He scores at all levels hitting the catch and shoot jumper at a very good rate and also scores off the bounce with pull-ups and in crafty fashion around the rim using floaters and a nice touch to score over taller defenders.  He also knows how to play through contact and even get into the body of opposing bigs creating a contact to score or get to the line.  The threat of his jumper opens up a lot of options and he does a very good job playing off that jumper with quick “catch jabs” where he doesn’t hesitate on the catch he goes right into a jab which also gives him space for the jumper and often forces over aggressive closeouts which he takes advantage of so well.

Dom does a great job setting his defender up prior to the dribble using cross-steps and jabs.  He then employs his strong frame to bully defenders and also has good speed as he attacks the rim.  He’s so strong and powerful attacking the rim with the ability to pound defenders to get an angle yet his jumper is smooth and his touch soft.  Defensively he has such good footwork and quickness he is able to contain the dribble often able to beat the ball handler to spots and draw a change.  He uses his quick feet and strong upper body nicely defending the dribble penetration and also demonstrates good anticipation off the ball. Dominic is a promising up and comer and should play a big role for Osbourn Park High School this season.  Look for him to establish himself as a solid prospect in a deep 2022 class!