Deshawn Goodwyn 6'0 133 2022 George Wythe High School (Richmond VA)

Deshawn played up two age groups when I evaluated him and the 14 year old shooting sensation looked very comfortable and confident while playing long stretches for Next Level Ballerz AAU. He was used primarily as a three point shooter and in that endeavor he did not disappoint knocking down 21 three point shots over the three game weekend stretch with a high of 9 in their second game! Deshawn has a long, wiry frame with long arms and legs and broad shoulders. He is 6'0 right now at 14 years old and his frame suggests plenty of vertical growth potential. He moves well off the ball and knows how to use cuts and spacing. He demonstrates excellent footwork as he receives the pass and is able to get his shot off quickly. He has very good discipline as a shot maker with good mechanics including a strong uplift into his shot from deep and a high release point. While he was employed as the team's obvious floor stretcher Deshawn did demonstrate a capable handle and the ability to create space off the dribble. He showed great poise playing in a higher division and with a number of college coaches in the gym and certainly proved his ability to fill it up from deep and to knock down shots in the mid range at an efficient rate. He does a good job using a ball fake on hard closeouts and some hesitation moves to keep defenders off balance. He stays low on the drive employing his long strides and protects the basketball nicely in traffic. He's obviously been coached up as he utilized a nice and quick jab cross move on a couple of occasions to get an angle and also a basic jab step to create separation off the catch. He has a nice step back jumper and creates very good separation with that move. Deshawn showed flashes of off the dribble proficiency and a willingness to embrace contact. He didn't force shots or passes and demonstrated playmaking potential when chased off the three point line able to read defenses and distribute the basketball. He shot the middle jumper nicely again transferring energy into his shot very well and creating good elevation; he is surprisingly agile and quick given his lean and long frame at his age. Deshawn displayed good defensive mechanics, maintained good posture on the ball and showed very good lateral mobility. His long wingspan and active feet helped to contain the dribble nicely and he showed a willingness to battle for rebounds. He ran the floor exceptionally well and has good overall speed and agility. Deshawn has an excellent grasp of fundamentals and some good playmaking potential to compliment his shot making skills. He understands the game and has a great feel; knows his way around the court. He's an intriguing prospect for sure and is one to keep on your watch list going forward. I have no doubt but that Deshawn Goodwyn is a name you'll be hearing a lot about in the coming years! I expect he will be among the area's most prolific scorers in addition to being one of the most feared shooters in his class in the state, the potential and the tools are certainly there. Deshawn is an excellent student, among the top in his class and was a joy to talk to. He's a very bright and well spoken young man. George Wythe High School has produced some excellent guards over the last several years and Deshawn Goodwyn could be one of the better ones!

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