Cole Swann 5’10 150 2022 Hampton High School, Hampton VA

Cole is one of the most reliable and most efficient point guards in the 757’s freshman class.  Not a fancy
ball handler but he dribbles with purpose and has a tight, quick handle, masters basic ball handling moves
and doesn’t turn the ball over.  A highly intelligent playmaker, Cole uses ball fakes, pass fakes and jabs
prior to putting the ball on the floor to get defenders off balance.  He has an impressive burst even from a
standstill that allows him to blow by defenders and he changes speeds nicely.  Cole has a great feel for the
game, incredibly skilled for a freshman, spaces the floor well, and does a great job attacking angles.  He is
a very good passer, demonstrates excellent vision and can make all the passes in a timely manner so as to
add to his teammate’s effectiveness.  Cole shows some impressive playmaking skills and has the potential
to be a high volume scorer if needed in that role.  His first step burst is strong and quick.  He has a nasty
crossover dribble move and uses hesitations nicely, quick but has another gear he shifts in to when he sees
space. Cole has some nice finishing moves including an impressive pro hop.  He is quick laterally and
has the ability to stop on a dime and then blow by a defender.  Cole can stop and pop from just about
anywhere!  Has an incredibly consistent and disciplined stroke with range, gets great extension on his
jumper.  He is lights out with his feet set and just as good off the dribble.  Defensively he has quick,
active hands and feet.  Does a great job timing his swipes at the ball and anticipating the offensive
player’s moves.  He knows where his help is and is able to impact the defensive end both on and off the
ball because of his IQ and his anticipation skills in addition to his physical assets.  Cole has the look of a
natural and has obviously been coached up nicely.  DNA has something to do with that as well as Cole is
the son of former Hampton High School star and 1989 state champion Kevin Swann who earned All State
honors during that championship season.  He went on to play collegiately at Central Connecticut State
where he started and led the team in assists and steals while averaging 19ppg.  Kevin Swann then
transferred to Old Dominion University where he averaged over 17ppg as a two year starter.  He is now a
Pastor and owner of Kevin Swann Ministries.  Cole, like his father is a high academic student/athlete.  He
is on the freshman honor roll at Hampton High School and carries a 3.3GPA.  He was accepted into the
Technology and Engineering Academy at HHS.  Cole has been inducted into National Junior Honor
Society as well! He was the team captain of the HHS JV team this past season and was moved up to
varsity at the end of the season.  Watch for this talented up and comer.  His upside is certainly exciting
and Cole Swann has a bright future both on and off the court.