Christian Jones:'6'1, 165' 2019' Landstown High School,' Virginia Beach VA

Stats: 11.0ppg, 2.7rpg, 1.8spg, 2.0apg.' Had 5 three point baskets in a game 3 times this season.

I watched Christian become more assertive and look to score more as the season progressed where as early on he would yield to veteran teammates.' He became a more relaxed shooter and with that improved his shot making consistency becoming a legitimate deep threat shooting an eye opening 43.9% from beyond the arc! 'He has great elevation on his jumper and consistent point of release. 'He has a quick release on catch and shoot, a rhythm shooter. 'Christian has very good range and is best as a spot up shooter although he has proven to be very effective stepping into his shot even from deep and mixing in long jumpers with a dribble move to get space to shoot or make a move into the lane.' Has a good mid range game, smooth and controlled on a stop and pop move but most of his offensive production comes from beyond the arc as he does a great job moving without the ball and getting open. 'Known more as a guy who can stretch the floor Christian demonstrates tremendous upside as a multi level scorer as he plays on balance, handles the ball well and can create shot opportunities for himself in the mid range area where he operates comfortably or finish at the rim where he has become much more effective. 'Became a player who can draw contact on the drive and get to the free throw line at a good rate where he shoots 83%!' Christian is very athletic and anticipates well defensively. 'Really plays the passing lanes well and gets a good jump into the passing lanes for steals, reacts quickly.' Christian is very competitive on the defensive end, can defend either guard position and combines quick feet with good upper body strength and sound defensive technique.' He is a high academic student/athlete, a tireless worker in practice and puts in a lot of work outside of practice; the term 'gym rat' certainly applies.' Should be one of the 757's top players next season and will no doubt attract the attention of college coaches over the summer.

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