Chris Osabaye 6'7 175 2021 Carolina Basketball Academy, Elizabeth City NC

Chris has an opportunity to become a high major talent! His obvious length at 6'7 coupled with athleticism, agility and shot making potential is intriguing. He runs the floor using long yet graceful strides and possesses good speed. His lateral quickness and quick starts and stops are crisp and powerful. Chris can hit the jumper and moves well off the ball making quick, concise cuts and can get to open spots where he is a very good on catch and shoot action. He has good mechanics, a smooth stroke and a quick release and excellent footwork. His high arcing shot is difficult to block and he shows good consistency inside 20 feet making shots with his feet set, off the dribble, and contested, which bodes well for his ability to operate as a floor spacer at the next level. He has the athleticism to expand his game beyond his very good shot making skills and has a powerful first step and capable enough handle to build on his playmaking potential. At the recent ASSIST 757 Top 48 Camp Chris demonstrated solid passing skills and ability to penetrate and dish the ball to cutters, a willing passer and one who knows how to use his dribble effectively both as a scorer and a distributor. Chris' long strides and quick enough burst compliments his shot making skills as he can get by many defenders with a shot fake or violent jab step and quick rip into his initial step which is long and decisive. In the lane he is a threat to hit the pull-up, finish at the rim or pass and executes each option competently and with fluidity. Defensively Chris defends the post well and has the length and quick enough footwork to defend opposing front court players on the perimeter. He has good defensive posture, moves his feet well and locks in. Chris is going to be an exciting player and his ceiling is limitless. Chris comes to Carolina Basketball Academy from Mount St Michael in New York where he was primarily used as a post option. CBA Head Coach Gregory Primus who has several years experience in player development and scouting at the NBA level has been molding Chris into a small forward/stretch forward type building on his potential both as a shot maker and one who can create offense off the dribble and defend in space. Based on video I've seen of Chris in New York and what I watched of him recently, it's a great move as Chris demonstrates the athleticism and agility, quickness and skill set to have success both offensively and defensively from the perimeter. Norfolk State University is showing strong interest already and his stock will no doubt skyrocket as Coach Primus begins to showcase him to his vast network of college coaching contacts.