Charlie Chapman 6'1 140 2022 Nansemond River High School, Suffolk VA

Charlie is a gifted athlete with a long, sinewy type frame and a long wingspan possessing great quickness and scoring prowess. Really electrifying in the open floor, Charlie can change directions, stop and start with amazing quickness and balance yet do so in an almost effortless manner. He uses his length well employing rangy strides to quickly gobble up real estate and is masterful using stutter steps and dribble combinations to break down defenders before bursting by his defender where he attacks the basket with authority. His burst off the dribble without benefit of breakdown dribble moves is quick enough to beat most defenders at the high school level. He's really gifted athletically and possesses creative scoring instincts and playmaking skills. He is an outstanding transition player, is solid using ball screens and has the playmaking and shot making skills to play either guard position. Charlie operates most effectively inside 18 feet and rarely shoots the three ball, opting instead to use his quickness and efficiency shooting off the dribble where he gets very good elevation and demonstrates sound mechanics and very good shot consistency off the bounce. He uses the shot fake well and attacks closeouts with his length and athleticism. He does a great job protecting the basketball on drives to the rim and uses his body and hang time to score against opposing bigs. Charlie has a quick, tight handle and explosive lateral quickness and can leave defenders in his wake with his quickness and crafty moves off the dribble. He uses the crossover dribble effectively sometimes combining that with quick choppy stutter steps or off hesitation. He's a scary defensive assignment in one on one! Charlie's elevation and release on his pull up jumper is so quick defenders have difficulty being able to contest. That quick stop and pop compliments his quickness getting to the rim and with his length it's a very effective tool for him. Defensively he is best off the ball operating like a safety in football closing on passes with quickness seemingly coming out of nowhere to steal long passes and finishing with a basket at the other end. On ball he stays in front of the dribble, capable of playing tight and not getting beat. He is a willing rebounder beating opponents to get position or often out jumping opponents for the ball and employing his long arms to rebound outside his area. Charlie loves to compete, has a nose for the ball and often gambles defensively but he's so good anticipating passes and wreaking havoc with his constant activity that you don't want to restrain him. Charlie has tremendous upside and feel, looks like a natural player and also has the elite athleticism that allows him to have success at most any sport. He has the bloodlines as his cousin is former Nansemond River High School star Shannon Evans who was a multi sport star growing up and enjoyed a record setting basketball career at Arizona State. Shannon recently signed a pro contract with Atomeromu SE in the Nemzeti Bajnoksag League in Hungary. Charlie is also the cousin of former Temple and WNBA star Feyonda Fitzgerald who played her high school basketball at Lake Taylor High School in Norfolk VA. He is also the cousin of Nansemond River High School junior point guard Myles Evans, Shannon's brother. Myles is a speedy and crafty playmaker with big upside as well and is one of the 757's top up and comers.
Coach Craig Frost, JV Coach – Nansemond River High School on Charlie Chapman: 'Charlie is a natural basketball player. His feel for the game amazes me! He is just beginning to realize how good he can be and is always working to improve on his skills in all aspects of the game. He loves the game and it shows in his work ethic and competitiveness. He is key at the top of our press and plays passing lanes brilliantly in the half court. His ability to score in transition is his strength. I love working with him and seeing him develop as a player. He is a gifted athlete who excels on the football field as well.

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