Carnell Madison 5’9 140 2022 Indian River HS, Chesapeake VA / Team Push

Carnell is an exciting player to watch, an impact guard whose combination of explosiveness and
craftiness allows him to keep constant pressure on opposing defenses.  I’m impressed with how quick he
is and how aggressive a playmaker he is, always looking to attack and always pushing the pace while
minimizing turnovers and keeping teammates involved.  Carnell can stop on a dime and then suddenly
blow by defenders or change directions abruptly and plays as if he has the ball on a string.  He uses quick
crossovers and can make dribble moves between the legs or inside out while pushing the tempo and
breaks down defenders with his handle or his ability to simply blow by defenders.  Carnell is a pass first
point guard, head always up and eyes probing the floor and he has the ability to find cutters out of
nowhere and deliver pinpoint passes.  He pushes the ball up the floor showing great end to end speed and
has an explosive burst where he can become a blur in a hurry after a breakdown dribble move.  If you run
with him he'll find you as he is an excellent passer with great vision!  He attacks space and draws extra
defenders then kicks out or dishes to open teammates and really makes those around him more productive
as he has the ability and court savvy to use his dribble to free up teammates for higher percentage looks.
Carnell can pull up and hit shots off the dribble and converts around the rim as he attacks the basket
fearlessly when he sees the opportunity, doesn’t get caught in traffic trying to force the issue.  A lefty
with a nice, smooth stroke Carnell can hit the catch and shoot three pointer but is very good in the mid
range with the jumper where he operates efficiently and is most impactful.  Can score on pull-ups and
catch and shoot jumpers in the middle where he seems comfortable.  He makes quick reads and reacts
quickly seizing the moment to attack as a passer or scorer.  Defensively he is a game changer! Carnell
has quick hands and feet and a great motor, can guard the length of the floor and not get beat and provides
relentless ball pressure. He can flat out take the ball away from you with his quickness an ability to read
the dribbler. He plays passing lanes nicely and anticipates well, gets a lot of steals both as an on ball
defender and off the ball and really impacts games defensively. You have to account for him at all times
when he’s on the floor! Carnell is not only a high IQ floor general but is a high academic, high character
student/athlete whose work ethic in the classroom and on the practice court is highly regarded by his
coaches.  Indian River High School Head Coach Kurt Overton says of Carnell, he is a “tough
competitor, hard worker on and off the court.  Great student! Great overall young man!”  Coach Overton
agrees that Carnell Madison has a chance to be a special player.  Carnell will make the move to the
varsity level next year and should waste no time making his presence felt!