Brandon Jenkins 5'10 150 2020 James River High School, Midlothian VA

Brandon is a very intelligent ball handler who stays in attack mode keeping pressure on the defense.' He
possesses very good athleticism, with great speed, quickness, and explosiveness.' He’s an absolute blur
with the ball in his hands and has the ability to get into the paint off the dribble regularly.' He uses his
explosive first step and a set of good hesitation moves to keep defenders off balance and he’s an excellent
creator thanks to his quick burst and great change of speed and direction dribbles.' Brandon is very good
making shots off the dribble, gets great elevation and his release is high allowing him to get his shot off
against taller defenders.' It helps that he's so quick and can stop on a dime and elevate into his shot before
defenders can react.' He also likes to initiate contact with the defender and play off that contact to beat his
man.' Brandon has a past first mentality and sets'teammates up for open looks after breaking down his
defender and getting into the lane.' He has very good floor vision, knows exactly where everyone is and
makes great decisions distributing the basketball.' He knows how to run an offense and keeps the ball
moving on the perimeter.' Defensively he is a pest both on the ball and off using his extreme quickness,
active hands and anticipation skills to disrupt.' He can defend baseline to baseline and not get beat and he
brings great energy and leadership on both ends of the floor.' His size won't draw your attention but his
quickness, his IQ, his ability to manufacture points even if it's to initiate contact and get to the free throw
line or get a steal and turn it into quick points makes him a game changing presence.

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