Some of the best times when watching as many games as we have at Phenom Hoops is finding that hidden gem on the court.  When you watch a new player and start to find out more information about him, there are players that make you scratch your head on why or how others aren’t talking more about him.

One player that fits that picture was 2021 Bray Greer from Anderson Christian.  Greer is a 6’5 prospect that showed an ability to operate around the rim but also play out along the wing.  At the Holiday Classic, he was relentless in his ability to finish strong and operate around the basket, but also give us a glimpse of his athleticism on the court; he plays bigger than listed.

When speaking to Greer more about his game after, he described his game like this:

“An athletic wing that is a dog on defense and is a matchup nightmare.  Too fast for bigs and too big for guards.  I’m always active and bigger than what my size shows.  My mindset is to win and to get the team involved.  But when I get the ball around the rim, meet me at the rim.”

He has played at Anderson Christian for his entire career and last year, he averaged 13 points, 10 rebounds, one assist, and two blocks per game.  And he is looking to continue to improve his three-point percentages and getting past defenders off the dribble better.

From what we saw though, this is a young man that has gone a little under the radar but could certainly play at the next level.  Right now, his recruitment has been pretty quiet but Greer should be one that programs start looking at more.

What was Said:

“Call myself a fan of this young man.  Greer is a worker on the court and is always active, especially getting on the boards, running the floor, and battling around the paint. Gave us a glimpse of his athleticism, flying high for the alley but did his damage with second-chance points and being active on the court.” – Patrick O’Brien

“Though slightly undersized for his position, Greer did an excellent job of operating as the main interior presence for this team. He showed toughness around the basket, both as a defender and rebounder, and operated within the team at all times. Greer plays bigger than his size and displays bounciness around the basket. He was able to make hustle plays and do the little things from start to finish.” – Jeff Bendel