Kevin’s Fab 5 Phenom’s High School Jamboree


6’4 2019 Julius Burch: Southern Guilford High School

Julius Burch had a pretty good day making an impact throughout each game. It’s a joy to watch players like Julius who I know have put in countless of hours in the gym to become a better player. He looked to score more than I have seen in the past which I believe will make Southern Guilford a much better team. Seems like good things happen when Julius has the ball in his hands. With an improving jump shot he was able to showcase it by hitting numerous 3’s as well as getting to the basket while finishing through contact. I think where Julius is most valuable for his team is on the defensive end where he shows his versality by being able to guard anyone on the floor. I would think college coaches would love a versatile player like Burch.




6’5 2021 Chris Ford: North Mecklenburg High School

Chris picked up and offer from Appalachian State after they viewed him during his morning game. Chris is very mature for his age he doesn’t say much just goes about her business and gets it done. At the High School level Ford is a mix match problem he can play the 2-4 and he plays each one at a high level. Ford is highly effective in the post were he routinely averages double doubles. On the day he averaged 21 points and 11 rebounds. Ford showed his versality by getting rebounds and starting the break, knocked down mid-range jumpers and couple 3’s on the day.




6’1 2019 Austin Inge: Greensboro Day

What is there not to like about Inge he is an excellent defender who knows how to manage the game and knocks down open shots. I mentioned before to others about Inge being the Quinn Cook of this team because he is the vocal leader and puts his teammates in the best situations. In this day and age when a lot of players just care about points Inge is different Mr. Reliable who has a winner mentality. Inge showed his team first approach by stepping up to take two charges in games that don’t count against your record. Whoever gets Austin at the next level I’m predicting now that they will a lot of game because that’s all he does is win.




6’2 2021 AJ Smith: Hickory Grove

AJ is bull on the court his body is so much more advance than the other guards in the NC 2021 class. I heard recently that’s why he played up on the 16u team because coaches thought playing his own age would be too easy for him. During the summer he put a lot of pressure on other teams by attacking the basket and being a in your face defender. Seeing him with his High School team it’s no different he still does those things, but he also showed his play making ability which he didn’t have to do much of with his AAU team. That’s another dimension that makes him even more danagerous. Hickory Grove will go as far as AJ leads them he led them on points and assist on the day and was one of the leading rebounders.




6’11 2019 Harry Morrice: Beckley Prep

Harry is a very intriguing prospect who impacts the game every way possible. Harry is a terror in transition it was amazing to see how fast he ran the floor even looking better than some of the guards in attendance. When he wasn’t finishing the breaks with dunks he was able to showcase his shooting ability which is out to the 3-point line. His bread and butter is the post where he was nearly unstoppable in scoring with numerous post moves and just pure desire to outwork the opponent.  Harry imposed his will on the offensive and defensive end on the boards and easily finished with 10 plus rebounds in my two viewings of him.